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Check out these simple Christmas Kitchen Decor Ideas from Featuring red berry wreaths and classic Christmas colors. #redberries #redberrywreath #kitchendecor #christmascoffeestation #christmaskitchenwindow #christmascarddisplay #christmaschandelierdecor #christmascenterpiece #christmas3tieredstand #classicChristmasideas #farmhouseChristmasdecor

Christmas Kitchen Decor Ideas | Anne’s Home

Welcome! Come and explore these simple Christmas kitchen decor ideas from my home! I’ll be taking a look at all the little touches of Christmas sprinkled throughout my kitchen. As AnnMarie mentioned when she showed her front porch decorated for Christmas, we’re going to be sharing how we decorated our homes for Christmas over the next […] Read more…

Halloween tiered tray sitting on kitchen table with crows, skulls, rats, tombstones, and spanish moss

Simple Ideas for Spooky Halloween Decor

Look no further for some simple ideas for spooky Halloween decor for your home that won’t break the bank using items easily found in most dollar stores! It’s simple to decorate your home for Halloween with these easy ideas! All you need are a few items you can find in many dollar stores, a little […] Read more…

row of milk jug luminaries for Halloween with scary faces drawn by kids lining a sidewalk

Simple Halloween Milk Jug Luminaries

Milk jug luminaries are a simple and affordable craft! Easy enough to do with kids, they’re the perfect way to illuminate the path for trick or treaters. When my husband was growing up, Halloween was a big deal in his family. His mom even wore a costume to hand out candy to trick-or-treaters! He really […] Read more…

Simply.Pretty Kitchen Windowsill | | Make the area where you spend so much time each day prettier. #simplypretty #kitchen #windowsill #kitchenwindow #falldecor #kitchenwindowmakeover #kitchenwindowsoversink #windowsill #kitchendecor #oversink

Simply Pretty | Kitchen Windowsill

Last month I began making some simple changes in my home. I’ve been inspired by AnnMarie to consciously decorate areas that I tended to view as purely functional. I began with some changes to the area next to my kitchen sink. But what about the windowsill? After all, that is what I am staring at for […] Read more…

Dress Up Your Kitchen Sink | | Simple steps to make kitchen sink necessities look prettier. #kitchensink #organization #soapdispenser #simpledecor

Simply Pretty | Kitchen Sink

I may have mentioned that I dislike doing dishes. One of the reasons may be that I have a tendency to not decorate areas that I consider “functional.” I love that AnnMarie looks at every area in her home as an opportunity to decorate! So I decided to try doing the same thing for my kitchen […] Read more…

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