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cannister filled with cocoa powder

Kitchen Tips & Tricks – How to Reduce Dirty Dishes

Reduce the amount of time you spend doing dishes with these simple kitchen tips and tricks! AnnMarie and I have shared some of the ways that we’re alike, but after reading her post about her daily drinks, I was struck by some of the ways we’re different! One of our BIG differences? She loves to […] Read more…

kitchen sink faucet after removing hard water stains on granite

How to Remove Hard Water Stains from Granite

Want to remove those stubborn hard water stains from your granite counter tops? Our simple tutorial gets the job done without using any harsh chemicals. When I tidied up and decorated my kitchen sink area, I really noticed the hard water stains around my faucets.  My house cleaning style is probably best described as clean […] Read more…

Ultimate Packing Checklist || #packinglist #packingchecklist #travelpackinglist #vacationpackinglist # simpletravelpackinglist #ultimatepackingchecklist #vacation #travel #todolist #freeprintable #freepackinglist #freepackingchecklist #freedownloadpackinglist

The Ultimate Packing Checklist

The Ultimate Packing Checklist has everything you’ll need for your next trip. Print a copy of our list for each person in your family! Are you planning a trip any time soon?  Then you definitely want our Ultimate Packing Checklist to help you pack for your next adventure. And the best part…it’s FREE!  Download one […] Read more…

Say goodbye to dry with our tips for winter skin relief! | www.simply2moms,com | #dryskin #winterskin #chappedlips #dryskinremedies #chappedhands #crackedhands

How to Say Goodbye to Dry Winter Skin!

Say goodbye to dry with these tips for winter skin relief! Here are my winter skin essentials and why I love them. We are not being compensated in any way for making these recommendations. I’m simply sharing my favorite products in honor of National Winter Skin Relief Day! Who knew that was a thing?! Well, […] Read more…

Simple Meal Prep | | Three simple things you can do to get dinner on the table faster #mealprep #mealplanning #prepahead #cookahead #whatsfordinner #busyfamily #healthyeating #easy #whatsfordinnereasy #whatsfordinnerhealthy #healthymeals

3 Simple Meal Prep Ideas

Weeknight dinners for my family of five were often a challenge. How do you have a healthy dinner while also driving the mom taxi for sports and school activities? Add in a busy work schedule and it’s easy to see how drive through dinners look easier! But not only is fast food not a healthy […] Read more…

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