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The Birthday Journal

Have you noticed how expensive greeting cards have become lately?  I mean seriously…you can’t find one for under $5 and most are even more than that.  Unless you look in the “cheap” section and then well…they just aren’t nearly as pretty or written as well now are they?  My husband, Chris, celebrated his birthday in August.  […] Read more…

row of milk jug luminaries for Halloween with scary faces drawn by kids lining a sidewalk

Simple Halloween Milk Jug Luminaries

Milk jug luminaries are a simple and affordable craft! Easy enough to do with kids, they’re the perfect way to illuminate the path for trick or treaters. When my husband was growing up, Halloween was a big deal in his family. His mom even wore a costume to hand out candy to trick-or-treaters! He really […] Read more…

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Treasured Pearls

“Those we love can never be more than a thought away… for as long as there is a memory they live in our hearts to stay” I lost my mom to cancer when she was only 43 years old.  It wasn’t easy at 23 but for my sister who was just a child…only 8 years […] Read more…

Learning to Use Your DSLR Camera | | #photography #howtotakebetterpictures #semiautomaticmodes #aperturepriority #shutterpriority #learntotakepictures #learntouseyourDSLR

Semi-Automatic Camera Modes | Learn to Use Your DSLR

As a professional photographer, I’m often asked by friends and clients how to use their cameras. Last month we began learning how to get more out of our DSLR cameras by looking at automatic modes. Today, we will go a step further and look at the semi-automatic camera modes. What are Semi-automatic Camera Modes? Semi-automatic camera modes […] Read more…

Learning to Use Your DSLR Camera |

Learn to Use Your DSLR Camera | Lesson 1

We are so lucky to live in a time when we have such easy access to take pictures of our family! We never have to miss documenting those little daily moments. But cell phone cameras only go so far. My friends and clients often ask me how to make the most of their “real” cameras. […] Read more…

I'm Not Ready | | One mom explores the emotions of saying goodbye as her oldest leaves for college. #grownandflown #emptynest #college #sayinggoodbye

I’m Not Ready

I’m not ready. That is the refrain that is running through my brain in an endless loop. Photo by J. Sadoff The year is 1999. It is August and I am preparing a nursery for my unborn child who will arrive in November. I don’t know whether this little person who loves to turn somersaults […] Read more…

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