10 Ways to Decorate Your Pool Patio for Summer


Create a tropical oasis with lush greenery, tiki torches, and colorful flowers. Comfortable seating and plenty of shade are key to a perfect pool patio.

Chaise lounges are the best for catching some sun and relaxing by the pool! Colorful throw pillows spice up neutral furniture and are an affordable way to change up your color scheme.

Potted plants are one of my favorite ways to style outdoor spaces. There are so many cute pots on the market! I use a mix of real and faux plants, and you can't tell a difference.

Candle lanterns are a super easy way to add some texture and ambience to your space

We love the super thick cushions on our wicker furniture, and they're easy to stow away in case of bad weather

Tiki torches are a great way to light up our pool area at night without needing access to electricity

Using a tray to decorate outdoor tables makes it super easy to make room for food and drinks

Don't forget an umbrella! This umbrella can easily be tilted to provide shade to our patio all day long!

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