How to Build Custom Shoe Storage


Do you need a way to store and organize your family's shoes but don't have a mud room or a drop zone? Check out how we transformed this mess!

We had a niche in the wall in our garage beside the door into the house. We cleared it out to make it more efficient.

We divided it into two sections. One side for shoes, the other for boots.

We extended the shelves higher and made each shelf 6-inches high on the inside to fit athletic shoes. The left side is wide enough for 2 pairs of men's shoes to sit side-by- side.

Each shelf has a support cleat in the back made with 1x2 furring strips.

Shelves that weren't screwed into both sides also have a support cleat on that side.

We used leftover semi-gloss cabinet paint so that the shelves are easy to keep clean.

Check out how we made a full drop zone in the garage for less than $250.

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