Can You Cover Ugly Washer Hookups?


Are your washer hookups killing your laundry room's vibe? Dont worry, we have some ideas on how to hide them

To cover the washer hookups, we built an open faced box to hang on the wall

A cutout on the side of the box gives room for the water hoses

I didn't worry about painting the inside of the box because no one will see it!

The two holes at the top of the box will allow us to hang it on the wall and easily remove it if we need to access the hookups

We attached some beadboard to the front of the box and trimmed the top and bottom to match my drying rack

Check out this before and after!

Other ways to hide a hookup: With a decorative basket on a shelf, or place a piece of furniture in front on coasters so it's easy move. 

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