Can You Paint Laminate Cabinets?


Are you interested in painting your laminate cabinets but don't know where to start?  With the right products and method, you can get great results!

First: Evaluate the condition of the laminate. If your laminate surface is chipped or peeling, you’ll need to repair, and possibly resurface it before painting.

We recommend removing the doors. This lets you prepare the boxes and the doors more easily.

Be sure to clean the surface well with TSP to remove any dirt or greasy residue. Then wipe with a wet rag and let them dry.

Laminate surfaces are considered tricky to paint because they tend to be so smooth. Lightly sand all the surfaces with 120-grit sandpaper, but be careful! You're just giving it texture. Don't remove the laminate! 

Be sure to remove any dust from sanding! Use a vacuum then wipe well with a tack cloth.

 Using the right kind of primer and paint is so important! Use a primer designed to bond with hard-to-coat surfaces. I've had great results with XIM UMA primer. Then be sure to use a paint designed for cabinets like Benjamin Moore's Advance. Both are low VOC and have held up great in high traffic areas.

Spraying is great for an even coat, but if you don't have somewhere to spray, no worries! These paints all have great leveling abilities to make brush strokes disappear. Elevate the doors to get good coverage on the sides. Just be sure to run the brush along the underside to smooth out the edges.

Paint the cabinet boxes while the doors are curing. For best results, let the doors cure for 7-14 days before re-installing them. Use the longer time if the humidity is high. This allows the paint to harden and will make the finish last longer.

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