Simple DIY Beadboard Drying Rack


Are you looking for a simple, attractive way to dry your clothes? A beadboard drying rack is just the thing. This DIY project is easy to assemble and adds an attractive touch to any laundry room.

You can get the look of expensive beadboard drying racks for a fraction of the price when you make them yourself. And you can customize the size to perfectly fit your space.

– Beadboard paneling – 1×2 poplar boards – 1×3 poplar boards – 1/2-inch dowels – 2-inch hinges (you’ll need 3) – 2-inch barrel bolt lock – powder-coated steel chain – 2-inch wood screws – 1/2-inch pan head screws (you’ll need 4) – sandpaper (80 grit, 120 grit, 220 grit) – wood glue – caulk – wood putty – primer – semi gloss paint or paint made for cabinetry



– circular saw or table saw – impact driver – caulk gun – nail gun – stud finder – carpenter’s square – level – putty knife – paint brush

First, construct the frame around the beadboard backing.

Next, attach the backing to the frame.

Measure the interior and construct the frame for the fold-down drying rack. 

Line up the dowels and mark the spacing on the frame.

Use a rubber mallet to set the dowels into the holes you drilled for them on the frame.

Hang the base of the drying rack on the wall.

Attach the fold down drying rack to the frame.

Use small hinges to attach the drying rack.

A metal chain prevents the rack from opening too far.

Attach a small piece of wood and drill a hole to latch the drying rack with a sliding bolt latch.

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