DIY Shelves Industrial Style

DIY modern farmhouse laundry room shelves. Learn how to make wood and industrial pipe shelves with our step-by-step instructions.


Using plumbing pipe from the home improvement store created and industrial feel for the wood shelving.

I painted the pipe matte black to cover the printed numbers on the pipes.

Measure and cut pine boards to size needed for your space. Then stain & seal to protect wood.

Attach painted pipes to the walls with floor flanges and elbow brackets to create hanging rod for drying clothing.

Next attach pipe to the stained wood to create shelf above hanging rod.

Here you can see the pieces used to create this hanging rod. A list of supplies can be found in the blog post tap "learn more".

The shelf on the other shelf  wall only needed a straight piece of pipe with an end cap to use as a bracket.

The bottom shelf was close to the top of the washer and dryer so I  used metal brackets that didn't stick our as far as the plumbing pipe.

Tap the "Learn More" button to get the full tutorial and list of supplies to make these shelves.

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