Summer & books. Two things that go together  like tequila and lime... We've found the perfect beachy reads for 2023!

Check out this list of 16 great beach reads with a mix of summer romance, historical fiction, and some chilling psychological thrillers for good measure.

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A little bit of magic allows a daughter to meet her mother who's recently passed away when she was young. In Italy...

When her marriage falls apart, she gathers four close friends from different stages of her life for a memorable weekend in Nantucket...

Travel back to the 70's rock era in this "rockumentary" about Daisy Jones and the Six. The unique style that this book was written in makes for a sizzling read!

An inside look at a  wealthy family during our modern gilded age. A humorous and witty love story that highlights the differences between the haves and the have nots.

A love story about a grieving widow, an eccentric community, and how an outsider discovers what's truly important in life.

Four twentysomethings who are assistants in the entertainment industry expose the ugly underbelly of the industry with a tell all blog that goes viral...

A psychological thriller with unnerving twists and turns as a young couple tries to have a family and the machinations of a woman who will do anything to get what she wants.

A mystery is uncovered when a young house flipper competes on a house flipping TV show set at the beach. Combines some romance with humor with a cold case file story on the side!

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