How to Hang String Lights on a Pergola

I started with giving my pergola a good scrub down. It will be harder around the string lights after they've been hung up.

All you need is a step ladder and string lights! Swipe up to shop the lights that I used and use our code "Simply2Moms10" to get 10% off any order with AQ Lighting

I used a combination of small and large globes for a super pretty and unique look!

I started with the small globes, they were super easy to weave in and out of the pergola slats

The larger, heavier bulbs hung a bit too low with this method, so I wrapped the cord around the slats to take away some of the slack, and it worked perfectly!

I also wrapped up the plug when I needed to connect strands so that it wouldn't hang down

A zip tie keeps the ugly extension cord in place and out of sight!

For the rest of my tips and tricks for hanging string lights, swipe up and learn more!

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