How to Organize Your Storage Closet Like a Pro

Are you tired of tripping over all the stuff in your storage closet? If so, it's time to get this space orgnaized!

I started by emptying everything from my storage closet. I don't know how I managed to fit all this stuff in there!

I removed the wire shelf that was originally in this closet. It wasn't very functional in this space. I filled the holes left behind with spackle

I then primed my walls and gave them a new coat of paint for a fresh, clean start

I installed a new shelving unit that meets all my needs. The shelves can be adjusted to any height, and it fits perfectly with the awkward ceiling slant

These shelves fit all of my small bins and baskets perfectly. I store my extra throw pillows on the top shelf.

I switched over to all clear bins for my decorations, so that I can easily see which bins I need. They stacked up nicely on the other wall

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