How to Cover Dark Wood with White Chalk Paint


I found this vintage china cabinet that someone had painted the outside yellow and the inside was stripes of dark wood and yellow. 

Always start any painting project by cleaning the surface. Dawn dish soap can work, or you may need to use TSP to cut through grease.

When you're trying to cover dark wood that's been stained, you need to use a bonding, stain-blocking primer.

If you don't use the right primer, the old stain or tannins from the wood may bleed through the lighter colored paint.

Another option is to use clear shellac to seal the surface and stop the bleedthrough.

Another option is to use an oil-based primer, even if you plan to paint over it with chalk paint or a latex paint.

Follow these steps and you'll get great results without any bleedthrough!

Every makeover project needs a good before and after!

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