How to Choose the Right Shrubs for Your Foundation Plantings

Do your research before purchasing plants. Know what grows well in your area.

Browse garden centers for inspiration. Take pictures of plants you like to do more research on different varieties.

Do you want deciduous or evergreen shrubs?

Will you  mix in flowering bushes  or perennials?

Read tags and labels for important information. 

Knowing the dimensions of the bushes will help determine exactly where to plant them, the distance from your house and how close together they can be installed.

If you want to maintain low growing shrubs for your foundation hedges so that they won’t grow so tall they cover your windows and block your view, consider dwarf varities.

You may think that trees are out of the question right next to your house but I’m here to tell you…they’re not.  Just choose dwarf varieties or small ornamental trees for foundation planting beds

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