Easy Steps to Design a Front Yard Foundation Landscape Plan


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Does your home need a makeover?  Maybe a bit more curb appeal? We have you covered.  No professional designer needed.

Are your shrubs over grown?

Do your trees and shrubs cover your windows?  Then It may be time for a front yard makeover.

How to Plan a Landscape Design:

research plant varieties

measure foundation planting beds space

choose a focal point

determine amount of sunlight or shade area receives

figure out how much time you're willing to spend gardening

Do Your Research

Look online for inspiration photos. Go to local garden centers. Drive around your town for ideas

Don't Skip This Important Step

Measure the length and width of each planting bed.

Maintenance Level

Do you love to garden or do you want low maintenance shrubs?

Consider Sunlight

How much sunlight do your flower beds get throughout the day?

Choose a Focal Point

Although you want your eye to enjoy your entire landscape design, you want a focal point to build from.

Map Out a Plan

Draw a map based on  measurements of your flower beds so you can visualize where you want to plant shrubs and trees.

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