Decorate Your Fireplace to be a Focal Point 


Do you want to create a beautiful and inviting atmosphere in your home this spring and summer?

When it comes to decorating the fireplace for spring and summer, it can be challenging to find the right decorations that will create a warm and welcoming atmosphere.

Decorate your fireplace with warm, natural colors and use greenery for accents to create a stunning feature piece in your home.

Start by adding warm, natural accents such as potted plants, vases, and wreaths to the mantelpiece.

Next, add some texture. A basket holding some soft throw blankets is a great way to have contrasting textures.

Try adding some greenery in a basket for a different kind of contrast.

Finally, add some candles to the mantle or the hearth to bring warmth and ambiance to the room when it's too warm to light the fireplace.

The end result will be a warm and welcoming atmosphere in the home, perfect for the spring and summer months. 

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