Old Fashioned Bacony Baked Beans

This delicious secret family recipe, passed down through generations, is now available for your tastebuds to savor

Canned baked beans pair with boiled onions, bacon, and a rich sauce to amp up the smoky flavor.

What You'll Need:

* original canned baked beans * bacon * onions * Worcestershire sauce * ketchup * brown sugar * molasses * garlic powder * salt & pepper

Boiling the onions in salted water helps the baked beans to cook more quickly and makes the onion flavor more mild.

Keep the onions whole: people who don't like them can avoid them easily, and people who do can scoop some out!

Serve these baked beans as a side dish with burger, hot dogs, or smoked ribs. Or serve them as a main dish with cornbread.

Layer mac & cheese, coleslaw, and baked beans over pulled pork or pulled chicken barbecue to make a Carolina BBQ Sundae!


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