Update an Old Gas Fireplace with Chalk Paint


Do you have a gas fireplace with a marble surround that looks out of date or clashes with your home's decor?

You can give it an updated look in one weekend for under $50!

Rustoleum's Chalked Paint in Charcoal will give your surround the look of slate.

Use 100 grit sandpaper to rough up the polished surface. Then wipe it down with a damp sponge and then a tack cloth to remove any dust residue.

Use a foam roller or an angled paint brush to paint the surround. It will likely need two coats. Allow it to dry overnight between coats.

Clean the surface well before applying the top coat sealer. The sealer looks milky at first but it dries to a clear matte finish.

You can apply more coats of sealer for more protection.

This inexpensive DIY project can truly transform a space! It's held up great for over four years and counting.

Get the complete tutorial for painting a marble fireplace surround: Swipe up or tap the link!

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