Watermelon Blueberry Mojitos

Get ready to tantalize your taste buds with this refreshing Watermelon Blueberry Mojito!

Combine the summery sweetness of watermelon with the burst of juicy blueberries.

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The secret to a perfect Watermelon Blueberry Mojito lies in its carefully selecting each of the ingredients.

Make a blueberry simple syrup with a low carb sweetener to start.

Puree the watermelon and strain out the pulp.

Muddle the mint and limes and combine them with ice in a glass or mason jar.

Combine the watermelon puree, blueberry simple syrup, lime juice, and white rum and pour over the ice and mint.

Make cocktail garnishes with a cube of watermelon, wedge of lime, and some blueberries. Don't forget a sprig of mint!

Make a toast to summer with this refreshing cocktail!

Get the full recipe for a refreshing summer drink. Cheers!

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