How to Use 3M Claw Hook Hangers


Have you ever wondered how to use 3M claw hooks? These hangers work to easily hang pictures, mirror, and art in drywall without making large holes or needed to find studs!

You can actually reuse them, so they're both cost effective and environmentally friendly!

They come in a variety of sizes. Choose the right one based on the weight of what you plan to hang.

You can hang art, frames or mirrors that weigh up to 65 lbs without using an anchor or finding a stud!

Some of the packages include a foam guide to help you to figure out where to place the claw.

If you're hanging multiple frames, a level is helpful, but it's the only tool you'll need.

You can press the claw hook in with your thumb, but I preferred using a piece of scrap wood to press it in all the way.

Get all the details about how I used 3M Claw Hangers for this gallery wall. Swipe up or tap the link!

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