Side Dishes

overhead view of glass bowl filled with Vietnamese cucumber salad garnished with chopped peanuts and fresh mint

The Best Keto Vietnamese Cucumber Salad | THM S

This Vietnamese Cucumber Salad is bursting with flavor and fresh herbs. Perfect as a side dish or top with grilled chicken to make it a meal! Are you always looking for new delicious side dishes to add to your rotation? Me too! I know some people are happy to stick with tried and true recipes. […] Read more…

plate with low carb coleslaw, pickled okra, and burger topped with pimento cheese and keto bbq sauce

Low Carb Coleslaw |Vinaigrette | THM-S

This light tasting, LOW CARB COLESLAW is made with a sweet and tangy vinaigrette dressing. It’s sure to be a favorite at your next cookout or barbecue! When I was growing up, thanks to my dad’s not so subtle influence, I did NOT like mayonnaise. Or coleslaw. I wouldn’t touch that stuff with a 10-foot […] Read more…

Two small bowls of cranberry apple crumble on a piece of distressed burlap with a casserole dish behind.

The Best Cranberry Apple Crumble | THM-E

This delicious Cranberry Apple Crumble recipe is the perfect side dish for your Thanksgiving meal or even as a holiday dessert! Until I was 9 years old, Thanksgiving dinner meant Cranberry, Orange, Apple Relish.  But then my mom found a new recipe for a Cranberry Apple Crumble. Our whole family was skeptical at first. Why […] Read more…