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Blog Consulting

When we began our blog in 2018 we were pretty clueless.

Do you know how many times we ended up looking at each other after reading instructions and cracking up laughing because it didn’t make any sense?

But we were determined to figure it out.

Along the way, we’ve learned so much, but some of it’s been after making mistakes that took us lots of time to correct…

Sometimes we can’t believe we managed to qualify for Mediavine after just one year of launching Simply2Moms.

One thing we’ve learned for sure?

We absolutely love blogging!

And getting to help new bloggers so they can meet their goals is the icing on the cake.


If you want, you can read more about us and how Simply2Moms came to be.

If you’ve read this far, we bet you’re feeling frustrated with things like SEO and Gutenberg.

Image optimization.

Growing your blog’s traffic.

Planning content.

Or maybe you want help figuring out how to juggle all the things?

We have a knack for explaining techy stuff in a way that creative minds understand!

And our blog post checklist can help you stay on track to get everything done both before and after you publish each post.

We offer two-on-one Zoom consulting calls to give you actionable help with your blogging frustrations.

Fill out the form below and we’ll schedule your complimentary consulting call!

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