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You’ll Love This Classic Christmas Home Tour

This traditional Christmas home tour features simple and classic ideas. You’ll love the boxwood garland, sentimental decorations, and classic Christmas colors.

red door with green boxwood wreath opened to view of home decorated for Christmas

Welcome! I’m so excited to show you around my home for our 2018 Christmas home blog tour. I’ve had so much fun decorating this year, and YOU are one of the reasons why. So come on in! 

Our Homes at Christmas: 2018

Anne’s Christmas Home Tour 2018

I would love to show you a beautifully decorated front porch, but that just didn’t happen this year. ? We had planned to put up lights over Thanksgiving weekend, but between photo sessions and house guests, it didn’t happen.

And then there was rain.

And crazy cold weather.

Then came the snow. In DECEMBER?!? What the whaaaaa???

So outside decorating was a bust for my house this year. ?‍♀️

But look! A wreath! ?

If you want to see a gorgeous front porch, go check out AnnMarie’s across the street! 

Front Entry

front door with a red berry wreath hanging from a plaid ribbon flanked by two small Christmas trees

When you close my front door you’ll notice I hung a red berry wreath from some pretty plaid ribbon on the other side. And I put two tiny trees on either side of the door. My kitties love them. ?  They like to pull little bits off and then bat them around the floor, like kitties do.

Game Room

game room with pool table decorated for Christmas

On the left side of our foyer is what the builder called the dining room. But we’ve never been dining room people. I think they’re beautiful, but it’s not how my husband and I have ever entertained. So soon after moving into our house, we got a pool table. 

Ta da! Instant transformation from a dining room to a game room! At some point, I’m replacing that light…

If you want some ideas for decorating a traditional dining room, you can check out AnnMarie’s dining room Christmas decorations.

I hung more red berry wreaths in the windows with the same plaid ribbon I used on the front door. I fell in love with the ribbon at Hobby Lobby. And it was 50% off. Score! I bought several rolls and I’ve used it all through my home this year. The red berry wreaths are 12 years old, but the ribbon helps them all look fresh and new for just $5.

floating shelf with chalkboard front decorated for Christmas with a grapevine wreath and burlap covered Christmas ball

We have little shelves mounted around the walls which serve as a place to put your drink while shooting pool. But at Christmas, they also hold some holiday decorations.

wall shelf with antique clock and window with red berry wreath

I tucked some greenery around the clock (it was a gift our first Christmas after getting married) and used two red cloth-wrapped ornaments on this shelf.


view of kitchen dining area with large windows decorated for Christmas

The Game Room is connected to the heart of our home: the kitchen. This is the room where I spend so much of my time with my family or for my family. Cooking is my love language, you know.?  You can check out all the details about how I decorated my kitchen for Christmas here.

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Family Room

view of a family room or living room decorated for Christmas

As you work your way to the right, you’ll see our family room. Since it’s connected to the kitchen, I’m gonna say it’s also the heart of our home! Because if we’re not hanging out in the kitchen, you’ll find us here. You can see all the details about how I decorated the family room for Christmas here.

Turn around and you’ll see the front door and foyer! Our floor plan is just a big circle.

leather sofa with Christmas pillows, staircase decorated with boxwood garland and plaid ribbon bows, gallery wall on staircase

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Foyer and Stairway

front entry table with small Christmas tree on top, and pillar candlesticks and family photo

I’ve been planning a gallery wall for this wall in my foyer for some time now. I love how AnnMarie created hers in her front room! But as I debate how I want it to look, it’s just stayed an empty wall. It’s not super Christmas-y, but I added a little tree. Woooo! ??

This area is on my “to do” list for 2019, so stay tuned…

staircase with gallery wall decorated for Christmas with boxwood garland and plaid ribbon bows with a kitty sitting on the steps

I love how the boxwood garland looks on my stairs! Did you know you can get boxwood garland in the spring garden section of Hobby Lobby? They have magnolia garland there too… Wait for the 50% sale (it happens every 3 weeks!) And each strand is only $10! Compare that to Christmas garland and you can see why this ended up in my cart.

The boxwood suits my style perfectly! I made some bows with the plaid ribbon and tucked some little white berries in to dress it up.

Downstairs Bathroom

The last stop on my Christmas home tour is my downstairs bathroom. My husband built awesome shelves in this room using plumbing pipes. You can get instructions to build some yourself here.

plumbing pipe shelves in a bathroom decorated for Christmas

The little red bucket on the back of the toilet is from the Grove Collaborative. It was a free gift when I placed my first order with them! If you place an order with them through this link, we will receive a small commission (at no extra cost to you) that will help pay for the expenses of our blog. I really love the natural cleaning products from Grove! Best part? They’re cheaper from Grove than they are in most stores!

plumbing pipe shelf decorated for Christmas

The shelves are always fun to decorate for each season. I love these filigree iron trees and red star baskets. I’ve used them for almost 20 years! But putting them in different places in my house each year helps them to always feel fresh.

plumbing pipe shelf decorated for Christmas

I added another one of the fabric-wrapped red Christmas balls on the middle shelf. The basket on this shelf is filled with tiny toiletry items that Kevin brings home from business trips. This is our guest bathroom so it’s nice to have this little supply in case someone needs something.

plumbing pipe shelf decorated for Christmas

I swapped the white candle in the lantern for a red one for the holidays and added another red star basket on the top shelf to complete this room.

I hope you’ve enjoyed my 2018 Christmas Home Blog Tour and have found some inspiration for your own Christmas decorating.

Enjoy the rest of your holiday season!

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