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Meet AnnMarie and Anne from Simply2Moms

Learn all the things about Anne and AnnMarie including how and why they started their brand, Simply2Moms.

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How Simply2Moms started…

Hey there, friend! 

We’re so glad you’ve stopped by to visit us here at Simply2Moms!

We’re Anne & AnnMarie, two moms, and friends who live across the street from each other.  

We met 12 years ago and consider ourselves framily…that lucky combination of friends who are like family. 

Since neither of us lives near our family, our framily is super important to us!

We’ve shared so many fun (and a few not-so-fun) times together over the years. Did we mention our husbands are great friends too?

There’ve been family trips to the mountains, a cruise, and beach trips.

Holiday dinners, secret Santas, birthday parties, and even a few surprise parties!

We’ve celebrated milestones, confirmations, and our kids’ graduations.

We served on the PTSO board together when our kids were in middle school.

And over 12 years there’s also been some hard times when we’re missing our families. Sending our kids to college. And facing health challenges (our own, our kids’, and our parents).

Through it all, we’ve been there for each other, and look forward to so much more in the future!

We’ve got some fun similarities too!

We both got married in 1995

And we both have 3 children.

We both share a love of creating our best life possible as SIMPLY as possible. 

And… hello… it’s like fate we became friends with such similar names… Anne & AnnMarie! 

We’re both so happy to have you join us here on Simply2Moms as we share our love of family, food & home!

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AnnMarie’s Story…

Hey!  I’m a Jersey girl living in the south. 

My husband Chris and I met in college and married in 1995. 

We couldn’t wait to start a family and had our first son, Jake in 1997. 

I never envisioned myself being a stay at home mom but that’s exactly what I did after I became a mom.  I couldn’t imagine leaving him and going back to work. 

It wasn’t easy and still isn’t at times but I wouldn’t trade it for anything! Being home raising these amazing people has been my greatest accomplishment.  

In 2001 our family grew when Gavin was born and then it was complete when Emma was born in 2004. 

We made the move south to North Carolina in 2008 and have never looked back.  

Although we have been looking forward lately…like maybe moving further south to the even warmer weather someday when our kids are gone?

I’m a decorating addict who loves a great deal at one of my many favorite home stores.

I’m passionate about preserving memories for my family by taking pictures of everything.  

Entertaining is one of my favorite things. Sometimes I drive myself a little crazy with all the details for a good party!  I turned that creative side into a little business making paper products, mostly candy buffet tags, on Etsy.

Sometimes I have a problem saying no. Which is how I found myself volunteering at my kid’s schools as the yearbook editor and then a PTO board member. 

I pay attention to the details in life and wish I could slow it down… especially as my kids are growing up and leaving home. 

My favorite quote is “Enjoy the little things in life for one day you will look back and realize they were the big things.”

More fun facts about AnnMarie

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Anne’s Story…

Hey y’all!

I was born and raised south of the Mason Dixon line in Maryland, and seem to keep moving further south with every move!

I love all four seasons so think we may have found our perfect home in the Carolinas.

My husband and I met back in 1992 and we’ve been married since 1995 (you can read the story of how we met here).

We have three kids, and they’re the light of my life!

There’s my son who’s a junior at NC State University and studying to be a mechanical engineer. He did not get his math skills from me! LOL

I’m also mom to fraternal twin daughters who are high school seniors this year. I can’t believe they’ll be heading to college next year. Stay tuned for where they end up!

Like AnnMarie, I didn’t think I would stay home to raise my kids, but once they arrived I couldn’t imagine myself doing anything else.

Over the past 20+ years, I’ve found many ways to stay busy (because keeping a house and raising three kids wasn’t nearly busy enough?!?).

I’ve sold stamps and scrapbooking supplies for Close to My Heart (which helped offset the cost of my scrapbooking hobby).

Then there were the times I was a consultant for Southern Living At Home, WildTree, and finally MaryKay. I may have a thing for consultant discounts!

I’ve spent countless hours volunteering at my kids’ schools. Room mom? Check (once was enough). Lunchroom mom? Check. Book Fair volunteer? Check. PTSO board? Check. And all sorts of other things too.

In 2010 I opened a portrait photography business. I specialize in newborns, maternity, and family photography. You can check out my work at Anne Zirkle Photography.

As my chicks get closer to flying out of the nest, it’s been so wonderful to work with AnnMarie and learn something new!

More fun facts about Anne

Our Story (continued)…

Which is why we started our blog, Simply2Moms, in 2018.

We’ve both learned so much over the past 25 years! Things about making a home, cooking healthfully, raising kids, keeping our homes organized, photography, preserving memories, and all sorts of things in between!

One thing we’ve learned is that living our lives more simply is what brings us joy.

We hope to share ideas with you to help make your life more simple too!

We love hearing from our friends, so please drop us an e-mail any time at simply2moms at gmail dot com.

Some things don’t make it over here to the blog, so be sure to join us over on Facebook, Instagram, and Pinterest for more tips, tricks, and daily shenanigans!

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