stack of keto southwest breakfast biscuits on a scalloped plate garnished with mini bell peppers

Low Carb Southwest Breakfast Biscuits | THM-S

These keto-friendly Low Carb Southwest Breakfast Biscuits are a delicious grab-and-go option for breakfasts on the run! Breakfast is the most important meal of the day. Did you know that your body’s metabolism doesn’t start working at its best until you’ve eaten? The number one reason most people skip breakfast is time. Let’s face it, […] Read more…

a fork holding a bite from a square of low carb southwest frittata on a white plate garnished with sliced green onions and sliced tomatoes on the side

Low Carb Southwest Frittata Squares

These Low Carb Southwest Frittata squares are bursting with flavor! This recipe would be perfect at your next brunch, or as a make-ahead breakfast for busy mornings. I love breakfast food. Before following the Trim Healthy Mama lifestyle I particularly loved breakfast casseroles. You know the ones: loaded with bacon or sausage, potatoes, eggs, and […] Read more…

overhead image of a bowl filled with keto Mongolian Beef Egg Roll in a Bowl

Keto Mongolian Beef Egg Roll in a Bowl

This Keto Mongolian Beef Egg Roll in a Bowl recipe is a healthy and delicious alternative to takeout Chinese. It’s so good “as is” that anyone who likes Asian food will enjoy it, even if they don’t follow a low carb lifestyle! My family’s favorites when we order Chinese takeout are Mongolian Beef, Eggrolls, General […] Read more…

photo of two glasses of keto mojitos with fresh lime and mint garnish on a wood tray

Refreshing Keto Mojito

Raise your hand if you like to drink an adult beverage now and again! Okay, now raise your hand if you like a mojito! And finally, raise your hand if you would love a low carb keto mojito recipe! Wait. That may require three hands…  Let’s get real here: I enjoy my adult beverages. And […] Read more…

A bowl of cannoli cream topped with mini chocolate chips surrounded by low carb cinnamon crisps

Keto Cannoli Cream Dip | THM-S

This delicious keto Cannoli filling recipe is packed with protein. It’s healthy enough to eat as a satisfying snack. It’s delicious enough to serve to a crowd! I’m part Italian and cannoli were always one of my favorite desserts. Since switching to a sugar-free lifestyle I hadn’t had cannoli for a while and was missing that […] Read more…

Chocolate Cherry Yogurt Bowl - THM-E | | #THM #TrimHealthyMama #Greekyogurt #chocolate #cherry #breakfast #snack #Emeal #NSI #5ingredients

Chocolate Cherry Yogurt Bowl – THM E

This five-ingredient Chocolate Cherry Yogurt Bowl is a delicious, sugar-free recipe. It’s great as a breakfast, lunch, snack, or dessert! I’m always on the lookout for a quick and easy meal or snack idea, and my Chocolate Cherry Yogurt Bowl is just that! I know you’ve heard this before, but it’s worth repeating: breakfast is […] Read more…

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