keto farmhouse barbecue cups on a white plate on a twig plate on a buffet

Keto Farmhouse BBQ Cups

Sweet and smoky low carb barbecue sauce and a tender cheddar cheese crust combine in this keto-friendly, gluten-free version of Farmhouse BBQ Cups. I’m a child of the 70s and 80s. Growing up, my family ate a LOT of Pillsbury Bake-off recipes. I loved when mom brought home a new Pillsbury Bake-off Cookbook from the […] Read more…

plate with low carb coleslaw, pickled okra, and burger topped with pimento cheese and keto bbq sauce

Low Carb Coleslaw |Vinaigrette | THM-S

This light tasting, LOW CARB COLESLAW is made with a sweet and tangy vinaigrette dressing. It’s sure to be a favorite at your next cookout or barbecue! When I was growing up, thanks to my dad’s not so subtle influence, I did NOT like mayonnaise. Or coleslaw. I wouldn’t touch that stuff with a 10-foot […] Read more…

Sweet and Smoky Low Carb Barbecue sauce in a jar with a wooden spoon

Sweet & Smoky Low Carb BBQ Sauce | THM-FP

This sweet and smoky Low Carb BBQ Sauce recipe has just the right amount of heat. Perfect for ribs, pulled pork, chicken, or anywhere you love barbecue! When you live in the south, barbecue is kind of a big deal. North Carolina (my current home state) is known for its spicy, vinegar-based BBQ sauces. But […] Read more…

slice of low carb peppermint cheesecake on a white plate garnished with drizzled, melted chocolate

Low Carb Peppermint Cheesecake Recipe

This Low Carb Peppermint Cheesecake is sure to impress everyone you serve it to! No one will ever guess that it’s sugar-free or gluten-free, and they’ll be shocked if you happen to tell them. This delicious dessert is perfect for the holidays, or any time you crave the combination of peppermint and chocolate! Which in my case […] Read more…

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