College Tips

You’ll love these tips and tricks for sending a kid to college.

Folding table covered with a plaid tablecloth at a tailgate with bowls of snacks and a fruit salad

You’ll Love These Menu Ideas for a Breakfast Tailgate

An early kickoff is a great reason to serve a delicious breakfast tailgate menu! Get ideas for everything to serve, including a mimosa bar! When it comes to tailgating, there’s nothing like a night game. You don’t have to wake up at the crack of dawn. Depending on how far you have to travel, you […] Read more…

Assortment of paper products, coozies, food storage containers, and paper products to take to a tailgate displayed on a table

How to Pack for a Tailgate with Confidence

Find out everything you should pack for a tailgate and bring with you to any outdoor events like a concert, football game, picnic, or the beach! Want to guess our favorite kind of entertainment? If you guessed watching football, you’d be close. Or maybe you guessed going to concerts, which is pretty close too! How […] Read more…

Overhead view into a plastic first aid kit. The container is filled with bottles, and pill packets, thermometer, and other first aid supplies. The names and uses of the medicines are written on the lids of the bottles.

How to Create a First Aid Kit for Your College Student

Sending a student off to college? Here’s everything you need to create a complete dorm room first aid kit for your peace of mind! Care to join me in my time machine? We’re traveling all the way back to 1987. I was a freshman in college in a small town in Virginia. The closest convenience […] Read more…

view of student desk in college dorm room with laptop and bulletin board leaning against wall filled with photos and a desk organizer on side of board with pencil cup on desk

9 Simple Ways to Make Your Dorm Room Feel Like Home

Want to create a cozy space to live while away at college? Check out these 9 simple ways to make your dorm room feel like home. You’re headed to college for your freshman year! It’s probably the first time you’re living away from home. You’re moving to a new city or maybe even a new […] Read more…

photo of outside of residence hall on college campus

11 Easy Ways to Organize a Small Dorm Room

Moving into a small dorm room? Then you have to check out our list of 11 easy and affordable ways to organize your dorm room. Last year I moved my middle child to college after shopping and getting everything he actually needed from our college packing list. This was the second time moving one of […] Read more…

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