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Classic Fireplace Mantel Makeover: Wayfair Finds

Check out these fantastic Wayfair finds to give a classic fireplace mantel a fresh, updated look. You’ll love all these ideas!

I’ve been living in my home for just over 14 years.

I’m not quite sure how it’s been that long?

I swear I blinked and one day my little kids weren’t so little anymore!

In fact, they’re all taller than me now.

Of course, that’s not saying much since I’m only 5’1″!

But still.

Fourteen years.

The family room and kitchen are where most of our living happen. Over the years we’ve made a few changes to the fireplace mantel.

And I painted the marble surround with chalk paint.

The stuff sitting on the mantel changes with the seasons. Here’s how it looked last fall, and in the spring, and at Christmas.

But did you notice what hasn’t changed in over a decade?

Summer fireplace decor for Traditional gas fireplace with painted white mantel. Mantel has a pitcher of blue hydrangeas, large boxwood orb, large black mirror with succulent wreath layered on top. Small stool with white vintage birdcage on top next to fireplace on hearth. Rope basket with topiary orb on other side.

That mirror.

In fact, that same mirror used to hang over my fireplace in Virginia too!

So it’s time to make a few changes.

Thanks to Wayfair, I’m planning to give my fireplace a little glow up in the next few weeks!

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Classic Fireplace Mantel Makeover

I’ve been scouring Wayfair’s catalog looking for inspiration for my classic fireplace mantel.

I love that you can find fantastic deals on gorgeous home decor to fit any style you like at Wayfair!

In fact, my biggest challenge was zeroing in on a few key pieces to give this space a fresh new look.

Let’s take a look at some of my favorites.

Large Focal Point

The first thing I’d like to change is that mirror.

It’s not that I don’t love it, because I do!

In fact, I think I’m going to move it to my master bedroom.

But after 20 years, it’s time for something new over the fireplace.

My family room has ten-foot ceilings, so I need something large to go in that space.

To be an anchor for that wall.

And I love these three options!

Two of these options are mirrors.


Because I clearly like having a mirror over the fireplace. LOL

Mirrors do such a great job of bouncing light around in a room, don’t you think?

I really love the round mirror with the beveled glass panes! The shape alone would be a big change.

But I’m also really digging the chippy white arched mirror.

It’s actually two pieces that you can hang together to get one look, or they can be hung separately.

How cool is that?

I love that kind of versatility!

The distressed black window frame is another pretty option.

I really love the shape of it!

And it would be nice to maybe do something really different and not have a mirror over my fireplace.

Deciding which to choose is going to be hard!

Updated Curtain Panels

Another option that would really change up the way this room looks would be to swap out the curtain panels that flank both sides of the fireplace.

While I love these colorful floral curtains, I’ve been considering going with solid white panels to let other elements of the space become the focal point.

Or maybe patterned panels that only have one color?

I’m still undecided about whether curtains are a change I want to make.

What do you think?

Wall Sconces

I tend to prefer symmetrical, or at least balanced, elements on my classic fireplace mantel.

So I’ve been toying around with the idea of hanging sconces on either side of the statement piece.

I love the soft glow that these electric candle sconces would add!

Which would you choose?

The simple wallchiere or the more decorative one-armed sconce?

Traditional Mantel Decorating

I usually put just a few simple elements sitting on my mantel.

Since I love a balanced look, I tend to choose items of similar height and visual weight to go on either side of the statement piece.

I love all these pretty Wayfair options!

How cute would that scale be holding seasonal decor on each arm?

The other side of the mantel could be balanced with either the trio of pillar candleholders, or that pretty three-ball topiary.

For a different look, maybe some white pieces would be pretty. The intricate filigree pattern on the lidded jar is so striking! You could even use it as a vase and set the lid next to it.

I would put either the artichoke sculpture or the trio of embossed ceramic vases on the other side.

Iron Fireplace Screen

One thing I don’t plan on changing out any time soon is my wrought iron fireplace screen.

I absolutely love the visual detail it adds to the front of my gas fireplace!

It’s also the item I get the most questions about from our readers.

It’s another piece I’ve had for almost 20 years.

Fortunately, Wayfair has several options that can give you a similar look in your home! They both have doors so they would work for either a regular or gas fireplace.

The quatrefoil screen has a slightly more ornate look. But I love the arched doors on the diamond-patterned screen too!

Stay Tuned!

Which of these pretty Wayfair finds did you like best?

Which options should I choose?

I’ll be revealing my classic fireplace makeover on the blog next week, so stay tuned!

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