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67+ Creative Ideas to Make Your Home Unique with Vintage Decor

Do you want to decorate your home with a little piece of history? Check out these ideas to use vintage decor to show off your unique style!

The older we get, the more we seem to love using vintage and antique finds in our homes.

Maybe it’s because we qualify as being “vintage” ourselves…

Don’t get us wrong, you’ll find plenty of new treasures from Amazon, Hobby Lobby, and HomeGoods too!

But we love how our homes look more unique when you mix in pieces found while thrifting or at an antique store.

And hey, some day, our new stuff will be considered vintage!

AnnMarie and Anne from Simply2Moms with a haul in back of car from thrifting

We’ve had some amazing adventures looking for treasure this year in Waco and at the Antique Fair in Round Top, Texas!

But some of our best finds have been from our local antique mall.

Earlier this year we got together with some blogging friends who share tips for finding and using vintage pieces in your own home.

These ladies are skilled thrifters who’ve taught us a lot!

So today, we’re taking a look back at all the fantastic tricks of the trade shared in 2022.

If you visit each link in this post, you’ll come away with more than 67 fantastic ideas you can use when you head out to your next thrift store, estate sale, garage sale, or antique mall.

Our Favorite Vintage Finds For Decorating Our Homes | Simply2Moms

Vintage booth in an antique mall with a variety of antiques, pottery, and table.

Decorating your home with unique items doesn’t have to be expensive.

We shared our favorite things we’re always hunting for that we love to use in our homes all year long.

Knowing what you’re looking for saves you money by helping you to stay focused at thrift and antique stores.

There’s also one thing we’ll never buy…

Ways to Decorate with Vintage Milk Glass | Lora Bloomquist of Create & Ponder

Collection of white milk glass bowls, dishes, and footed pedestals.

Vintage milk glass is a pretty common find in thrift stores and antique booths.

It comes in a wide variety of shapes, textures, and sizes.

Because it’s white, you can use these pieces in so many different ways all year long!

Lora is sharing 10 ideas to decorate with milk glass in your home.

Ideas for Seasonal Decor with Vintage Finds | County Road 407

Large antique wash tub on its side with pink flowers in the bottom on a porch with more flower planters.

Cindy from County Road 407 lives in Texas and has a fantastic farmhouse filled with vintage pieces she’s thrifted or found while antiquing.

She’s sharing four ways to use five vintage finds.

If you did the math, that’s twenty great ideas!

A Spring Thrift Store Decor Haul | Cottage on Bunker Hill

Painted blue corner cabinet filled with white ironstone, plants, and vintage books.

While our friend Jen from Cottage on Bunker Hill shared her thrift store finds from a trip in the spring, you’re going to love all her tips and tricks!

She has some fantastic stores near her New Hampshire home, and we’ve learned a lot from her about finding a great deal.

Wait until you read her tip about using Google Lens!

Home Decor Thrifting Tips & Unique Items to Look For | The Old Barn Company

Kitchen island with large round wood board, glass pedestal with cloche, and a candle.

One of our favorite homes to visit online is our friend Jessica’s farmhouse.

She’s an architect and her home design is nothing short of stunning!

Jessica has an eye for antiques and her tips for how to find great pieces at great prices have helped us both so much.

Amazing Vintage Finds You Won’t Believe! | Peacock Ridge Farm

Large white barn surrounded by trees with a white board fence in front.

Our friend Renae lives in the Pacific Northwest where she has a farm and barn that she rents out for weddings and events.

While the barn is a new build, she’s found ways to make it look like it’s been there for 100 years.

She has some great ideas for finding vintage pieces that would look amazing in your home too!

How to Create a Cottage Style Vignette with Thrifted Finds | Midwest Life & Style

Antique trunk with a tray holding antique books, ironstone chamber pot holding a plant and starfish.

Unless you only buy thrifted or vintage pieces you’ll probably want to combine these treasures with newer items you already have.

Our friend Jen from Midwest Life and Style is sharing how to blend new and old when you create vignettes in your home.

A vignette is a small grouping of decorative objects that adds a “pop of interest” or lets you show off special treasures.

If you’ve ever struggled with how to put together a vignette, Jen’s got some simple tips to help you along.

Finding Treasures in Thrift Stores and How to Use Them | Vintage Home Designs

White ironstone soup tureens displayed in a white china hutch with vintage plates.

Our friend Michele has such an amazing eye when it comes to finding and using vintage treasures in her home!

We’ve watched her shop in Waco, and she could always zero in on the best items.

You’re going to love her insider tricks for finding the best items when you’re thrifting.

How to Start a Vintage Booth Business | Dabbling and Decorating

Shelves filled with antique dishes surrounded by more vintage decor in an antique booth.

Have you ever thought about starting a vintage booth business?

Our friend Ann, from Dabbling and Decorating, has a gorgeous booth near her New England home.

She’s sharing everything you need to know to get your own booth started.

According to Ann, “It’s pretty easy and so much fun!”

9 Easy Ways to Decorate with Thrifted Bread Boards | Robyn’s French Nest

Living room with drop cloth curtains on the windows, linen furniture, and vintage decor items.

Thrifting is one of our friend Robyn’s favorite things to do and she loves to decorate with thrifted bread boards!

She’s sharing 9 of her favorite ways to use bread boards around her home.

Whether you have new or old bread boards, you’re going to love her pretty ideas.

How to Create Rustic, Timeless Style | White Arrows Home

Log-framed bed with assorted plaid blankets and pillow shams in a log cabin.

Our friend Kristin lives in a log cabin on a lake in Wisconsin and has an eye for rustic cabin style.

If it’s plaid, there’s a good chance Kristin loves (or has) it!

She’s sharing great ideas to create a cozy rustic vibe and what to look for to achieve it when you’re thrifting.

Christmas at the French Farmer’s Wife | The Ponds Farmhouse

Antique shop with wood walls decorated for Christmas with a large display of copper pots.

Our North Carolina friend, Rachel, has a fantastic modern industrial-style farmhouse, and she gives it warmth and style with gorgeous antiques.

One of her favorite places to shop is the French Farmer’s Wife and she’s showing you why it’s such an amazing market!

We’ve decided that we are definitely making a road trip to her holiday sale next year…

Decorating with Vintage Flower Frogs | The Tattered Pew

Stack of gardening books with three antique flower frogs on top holding a single dried flower each.

Flower frogs are used to hold flowers in arrangements, and the vintage ones are often pieces of art all on their own.

Our friend Kelly from The Tattered Pew is sharing her tips for finding flower frogs, plus unique ways to display them...

Hint: Don’t let the name fool you because they’re not just for flowers!

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Lora Bloomquist

Friday 23rd of December 2022

Great ideas from a talented bunch of ladies! Loved joining you two on your vintage shopping trip:)


Thursday 29th of December 2022

Thanks so much for visiting, Lora!


Saturday 17th of December 2022

Everyone had such great finds...but you can keep those haunted dolls down there!!


Sunday 18th of December 2022

I always love seeing what's available in other parts of the country. Also those dolls are terrifying, right?!


Friday 16th of December 2022

Both of your homes are styled so beautifully, and I always love to get ideas from the ways that others style vintage and thrifted finds.

P.s. next time you go to Texas take me with you! Those markets are on my bucket list!


Saturday 17th of December 2022

@Jen, Add me to that list!!


Friday 16th of December 2022

You're so sweet, Jen! Also, we completely need to plan a girls' trip back to Texas!


Thursday 15th of December 2022

I remember reading that post and laughing at the creepy doll and the skunk in the background behind the flag and ladder. I still can't believe neither of you got the skunk! Don't you want that sitting in a guest bathroom somewhere? LOL!


Thursday 15th of December 2022

Oh my gosh. I hadn't even noticed the skunk! That would be hilarious in a bathroom... LOL


Thursday 15th of December 2022

I’m so glad you guys joined us this year. Wasn’t it so fun😂. Looking forward to doing it all again in 2023. Happy holidays😃


Thursday 15th of December 2022

Thanks so much for including us in your thrifting adventures this year!