Want to create a one of a kind t-shirt quilt but have absolutely no sewing skills? Follow these easy steps to get your upcycled shirts prepared for someone else to sew them into your memory quilt.

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We are excited to give away one of these custom t-shirt quilts to one lucky reader! Be sure to scroll down to the end of the post for details!

I’ve saved t-shirts over the years as my children grew up…you know the ones they just loved and wore all the time…or the shirts that held a memory of a special event…or even shirts worn for sports they played. As they outgrew their clothes most were donated but during every purge of their dressers and closets, there were always a few that as I held them in my hands I just couldn’t part with them. Those shirts went into a large bin in a storage closet.

t-shirts in large plastic bin

While at a home show years ago I visited a booth of a quilter. She had created beautiful quilts with upcycled t-shirts and I instantly knew that’s what I wanted to do with all those shirts I had been saving. But wow was it super expensive to have a handmade quilt created with the t-shirts. I understand and absolutely appreciate the time and skill involved in making a quilt but I just wasn’t able to spend that much money.

I did some research and found a company that made t-shirt quilts for a very reasonable price right here in the USA. You can read all about Project Repat here. I loved their story and mission so I purchased my first quilt for my oldest son Jake as a graduation gift back in 2016. And now 4 years later as Gavin, my middle child is getting ready to graduate I’m creating my second quilt. The company really makes it super easy for you with step by step instructions on their website.

This is not a sponsored post! I just wanted to share how I created a custom t-shirt quilt using Project Repat.

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Not only does a t-shirt quilt make a great graduation gift it’s something that can be created for any occasion…birthday, anniversary…or just because. Be creative! I’m going to share how you can create a one of a kind quilt out of your upcycled t-shirts…

Gather Upcycled T-Shirts

As the years went by I had saved lots and lots of shirts so when it was time to find shirts for Gavin’s quilt I had plenty to chose from.

piles of t-shirts on table

Using t-shirts that I had saved throughout his childhood created a sentimental memory quilt that I’m sure he will love. I included shirts he wore over and over as a little boy, uniform t-shirts from the sports he played, favorite professional sports team shirts, and more. Each shirt holds a special memory.

Which T-Shirts to Include?

t-shirts folded in two rows on table

Each size quilt requires a certain number of t-shirts. But don’t worry this information is all listed on the website. Since I was creating a twin size quilt I needed 24 t-shirts. After sorting through an entire bin of t-shirts for the ones I wanted to include I lined them all up so I could measure them.

Supplies Needed

supplies on table to prepare t-shirts for shipping ruler, scissors, t-shirts and laptop
  • T-Shirts
  • Scissors
  • Ruler
  • Directions

Measuring Shirt Graphic

ruler laying on front of t-shirt measuring vertically

You can also choose your quilt panel size when deciding which quilt you want to purchase. I went with a 12″x12″ panel. You want to be sure that the graphic on the front of your shirt isn’t bigger than 12″.

Cutting T-Shirts

hands with scissors cutting up side of t-shirt

According to the directions I needed to cut the front from the back of each t-shirt. The company requests the entire front of the shirt to be sure they have enough material to make each quilt square.

hand holding scissors and cutting t-shirt

Shipping T-Shirts

stack of tshirts ready to be shipped

After I separated the front from the back of each t-shirt I folded them to get ready to shipment. Some t-shirts may have a graphic on the back that you want to use on your quilt so for those you would send both the front and back sides in and they will be used on two separate quilt squares. But for the others you will just send in the side of the t-shirt you want to be used for your quilt.

Completed T-Shirt Quilt

woman holding up completed t-shirt quilt

This was the perfect way for me…just a mom without any sewing skills…to create a sentimental gift for my son’s graduation. I can’t wait to give it to him!

close up of Project Repat tag on completed t-shirt quilt


After purchasing my quilt Anne & I thought you guys would love creating a quilt too. We reached out to Project Repat to let them know how much we loved their company and quilts. And guess what…they generously sent us a coupon code for a free quilt for one of our readers! We are so excited to give one of you a code to create your very own custom quilt.

How to enter

Leave a comment below and tell us why you want to win this quilt. You also must subscribe to our newsletter. Want to improve your chances of winning? You can get one extra entry if you follow us on Instagram, and another extra entry if you follow us on Facebook. The winner will be selected on May 6, 2020, and will be notified by email and then announced on social media once the quilt is claimed. This giveaway is open only to U.S. citizens, void where prohibited by law.

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38 Comments on Custom T-Shirt Quilt

  1. What an amazing way to remember your childhood and all of those special clubs, events, school and trips! Would love to do this for my son!

  2. My mommy saved me all shirts of my childhood. now I have got an idea from you that what should I do to those shirts. I will make them a new quilt shirt. this will also give me my childhood memories. I am so happy

    • Hi Dione! We are so happy to hear you enjoyed this idea! That’s so special that your mom saved all those shirts for you. Your quilt will be such a special reminder of your childhood! Thanks so much for reading our blog. Have a happy day!

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