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How to Clean Hanging Glass Lights in 3 Easy Steps

Do you have dirty pendant lighting in your home? We have a simple solution for you! Learn how to clean hanging glass lights in 3 easy steps.

Don’t you just love the look of beautiful matching light fixtures lined down a hallway?


Me too!

I was finally able to achieve this look several years ago when I found really affordable hanging lights at Home Goods.

I needed three lights for my hallway and found two at our local store and then went to another Home Goods a few towns away for the third.

I think I only paid $49 for each light fixture.

Such a bargain!

My sister has the same light in her house, but she couldn’t find them at Home Goods, so she bought hers at Lowes Home Improvement for twice as much.

We both just love this light!

If you like it too here is the link...they aren’t that expensive…I just happened to score a great deal at the time.

Now even though I have three lights down the hallway, every so often it starts feeling pretty dim.

So, I looked up at my three pretty light fixtures and immediately saw what the problem was.

Those enclosed glass hanging pendant lights didn’t look so pretty anymore.

three hanging glass light fixtures before cleaning in hallway of open concept room stairs to left of hall

They were actually pretty gross!

Not only were they dusty on the outside but they had a foggy film of dirt on the inside of the glass globes too.


It was time to clean them!

How to Remove Glass from Hanging Light Fixture

close up of hanging light fixture hanging from hallway ceiling before cleaning

As you can see the glass on the light is really dirty.

I dust them on the outside and you’d think because the glass is enclosed they wouldn’t get dirty inside.

But they do!

So, it was time to give the light fixtures a thorough cleaning.

removing glass globe from hanging light fixture for cleaning it

The first step to cleaning the glass is to remove the screws that hold the glass to the actual metal piece of the hanging light fixture.

Be careful when you remove these screws.

You want to make sure you hold onto the glass with your opposite hand so it doesn’t fall.

How to Clean Hanging Glass Lights

washing glass pendant in kitchen sink with dish soap and sponge under running faucet

After you remove the glass gently scrub it with a soft sponge and a small amount of dish soap.

I love Dawn because it cuts through any grease or grime.

Do you have a favorite dish soap?

glass globe of hanging light fixture after cleaning in kitchen sink

After washing the glass globes rinse the entire piece with warm water carefully removing any soap residue.

Ahhh…looks so clean…doesn’t it?!

glass globe of light fixture sitting on towel on kitchen counter after washing with microfiber cloth next to it

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Next, set the glass upside down on a towel to drip dry for a few minutes.

I followed these steps for each of my three glass pendants.

Using a clean microfiber cloth is the best drying towel I’ve found that doesn’t leave lint on your freshly washed glass.

Believe me, I’ve tried using paper towels but it leaves lint all over your glass.

I’ve also heard that newspaper works well, although, I’ve never tried that…have you?

My Secret Trick to Streak Free Glass

bottle of rubbing alcohol and microfiber cloth on counter next to glass light fixture

I also learned another fun little trick.

Ya know how even after you carefully dry your glass light fixtures there are sometimes a few pesky streaks left behind?

Well, in addition to drying the glass with a microfiber cloth, I add a little bit of isopropyl alcohol to the rag.

wiping glass pendant glass light globe with microfiber cloth

The alcohol will prevent streaks when drying.

Yup…works like a charm!

Completely dry both the inside and outside of the glass globe with the microfiber cloth and alcohol.

hanging light fixture back up after cleaning

Then hang the glass pendant back up with the screws.

Remember to use both hands!

close up of light fixture with light off to show clean glass

Now your beautiful glass pendant hanging light fixtures look brand spanking new!

Look how clean that glass is now!

three lights hanging from hallway ceiling after they were cleaned

And when I turn the hallway lights on it’s so much brighter.

Amazing how a little elbow grease can brighten up a space. LOL!

If you have any questions or suggestions, contact me or leave a comment!

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