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How to Create a Rustic But Elegant Christmas Tablescape

Looking for a way to create a rustic but elegant Christmas tablescape? With these simple tips, you can style a warm and inviting table for friends and family.

It’s almost that time of year to start planning for the holidays.

Will you be entertaining this year?

Christmas is a wonderful time of year for family get-togethers.

Whether you’re hosting a fabulous dinner party or having an impromptu gathering to celebrate the season you’ll want your dining table to look amazing.

We’re sharing some incredible ideas to set up a casual yet festive table for your guests.

We’ll help you create a warm and inviting atmosphere for friends and family to gather this holiday season.

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Welcome to Our Virtual Dinner Party

You may be asking yourself what a virtual dinner or supper club actually is.

Back in 2021, we started this club with our friends Stacy, Rachel, Jen, and Michele.

We share ideas and inspiration for entertaining at home.

Since we live in different parts of the country (Texas, Nebraska, New Jersey, and North Carolina), we can’t get together in person.

Our virtual supper club is the next best thing to being together.

One day we hope to be able to do this together in person!

Each month we choose a different theme and share beautiful tablescapes, party decor, entertaining ideas, and recipes on our blogs.

And even though we call ourselves a dinner club, we’ve shared ideas for breakfasts, brunches, luncheons, and cocktail parties too.

We also invite a guest host to join in the fun every month.

This month we’re thrilled to welcome back Kristin from White Arrows Home.

Kristin lives in a fabulous lakeside log cabin right in the Northwoods of Wisconsin so you’ll want to spend some time looking around her blog and getting to know her!

This month our virtual supper club’s theme is Christmas at the Cabin which is just perfect for our guest host!

We share beautiful tablescapes, party ideas, and a delicious cozy Christmas menu.

And just wait until you see all of our friend’s gorgeous tables at the end of this post!

Check out all of our virtual dinner club tablescapes and menus!

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How to Entertain During the Holidays Without Stress

woman adjusting cloth napkin on table set for holidays with lit branch trees behind

The holiday season is a great time to gather with family and friends.

Setting an elegant and festive table is an easy way to create a memorable evening with those you love.

But sometimes those well-intended get-togethers can bring some extra stress.

I want to make it easy for you to entertain and create wonderful memories this Christmas.

You can check out this list of entertaining essentials that can help make sure you have everything you need ahead of time for your gathering.

Having a plan definitely helps ease the anxiety.

Preparing as much as you can ahead of time is another helpful way to avoid the stress.

So let’s set a beautiful tablescape with a simple centerpiece that can be created in minutes.

What is a Christmas Tablescape Theme?

wood table with word art hanging on wall beyond decorated with greenery and candles

A theme of a tablescape is simply the look or vibe you’re trying to create.

You want your table to look cohesive and therefore a theme will help you keep everything coordinated.

There are so many different themes to go with when styling a tablescape for the holidays.

Whether you’re looking for a classic Christmas style, modern elegance, or just a cozy atmosphere, there are several ways to create a tablescape perfect for your home.

There’s something special about creating a Christmas tablescape that is both rustic and elegant.

My home is already furnished in a modern farmhouse style so it’s easy to decorate a table with a more rustic vibe.

But what about the elegant part?

Well, it doesn’t have to be complicated.

Just add a bit of metallic color to your tablescape and you’ve got instant elegance.

Combining the natural tones in a wood table with gold accents is a perfect way to create a rustic elegant look for your Christmas decor.

Choosing a Color Scheme for a Holiday Table

wood dining table in middle of room with bank of 3 windows and door with glass beyond styled with greenery

When creating a rustic Christmas table take a look at nature to come up with your color scheme.

Keeping everything neutral allows the colors to blend beautifully on your table.

My color scheme for this Christmas table is green, brown, cream, and gold.

You also want to consider the color of the room you’re decorating as well.

You may not want to go all out with a red and green table if the walls of your room are painted blue.

For a room that’s blue maybe go with a silver, white, and blue color scheme.

How to Create a Simple Elegant Centerpiece

long candle holder with 12 taper candles in middle of table with greenery

I usually begin styling a table with the centerpiece because I feel it sets the overall tone of your table.

The centerpiece also helps anchor your tablescape design.

To create a rustic elegant centerpiece use natural elements such as pinecones, greenery, and candles.

It’s also important to balance and include height variations when styling the middle of your table.

I wanted to keep my centerpiece super simple this year with something that I could leave out in the middle of my table all season.

This extra-long metal taper candelabra that I found recently at Target was the perfect piece for a simple rustic elegant centerpiece.

It’s a whopping 38″ long, holds 12 taper candles, and has a beautiful brushed brass finish.

I then added a pretty cedar garland to the table under the long candle holder and my centerpiece was complete.

How to Choose Linens for a Neutral Holiday Table

close up of wood bead napkin ring holding fringed linen napkin on green plate with wood charger

Since my table has a pretty natural wood color I opted not to use a tablecloth to cover it.

But if you prefer to cover your table, I’d recommend neutral-colored tablecloths, such as burlap, white linen, or earthy tones, for a rustic touch.

When choosing napkins go with natural materials like linen or cotton.

You can find some fun napkins with festive touches for the holidays.

Or you can dress your napkins up with a pretty napkin ring.

These DIY 3-ring wood bead napkin rings are easy to make and bring a rustic look to the neutral beige fringe napkins I used on my Christmas table.

How to Incorporate Rustic and Elegant Place Settings

overhead view of table with plates and utensils set for Christmas dinner

Select plates, glasses, and cutlery that reflect the rustic yet elegant theme when setting your Christmas table.

Using wood chargers with green stoneware plates adds a touch of rustic charm to each place setting.

The gold flatware brings a bit of elegance to balance the rustic aesthetic.

close up of vintage style green glass on wood table

The vintage-style hobnail glasses also add a bit of sparkle to the neutral table.

You can incorporate other elegant elements, such as gold-rimmed wine glasses or cut-glass champagne flutes.

When choosing your dinnerware think about how to add both rustic and elegant pieces when setting your table.

close up of place setting with wood charger, green plate and linen napkin

If you have classic white or cream dinnerware that would provide elegance to your table.

So then you may want to use mason jars and burlap placemats to balance the elegant aesthetic.

The bottom line is to choose tableware that is both stylish and functional.

Set the Mood with Lighting

close up of hanging light fixture with mini wreaths around candelabra lights

Use a mix of natural and artificial light to create a festive glow.

Most dining areas have an overhead light hanging over the table.

If so it’s always nice to add a dimmer to that light if possible then you can adjust the lighting to suit the overall mood of your dining space.

Of course, using candles on your table, especially at Christmastime is essential to provide a warm and inviting ambiance.

Be sure to choose unscented candles so they don’t interfere with the smells of the food you’re serving.

Add Festive Touches

three branch lit trees in corner by window with faux leopard print blanket around bottom of trees

Simple accents like candles, ornaments, and fairy lights will enhance the elegance of your tablescape.

Use natural elements like greenery, pinecones, or wood branches to add a rustic vibe to your table.

Be careful about the placement of decorative elements to ensure they complement the overall design without cluttering your table.

Embrace your creativity and personalize your tablescape with your own unique touches.

view of kitchen dining table from family room over couch and half wall

Trees, wreaths, and twinkle lights all help create a cozy vibe for your party.

With the right combination of rustic and elegant pieces, you can easily create a Pinterest-worthy Christmas tablescape.

So gather your loved ones around your holiday table and savor the delicious food and each other’s company.

It’s time to create ever-lasting memories!

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