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How to Install a Wall Mounted Heated Towel Rack in 5 Easy Steps

Do you want dry clean towels ready for your next shower? Learn how to install a wall-mounted heated towel rack in 5 easy steps.

Disclaimer: This post is brought to you by Bathroom Butler. Thanks for supporting the brands that support this blog.

Have you ever taken a shower in the morning then another in the evening and you grab the towel hanging on a hook that you used earlier and it’s still damp?


I don’t think there’s anything worse than reaching for a towel as you step out of the shower that hasn’t completely dried.

Sure I could get a new fresh towel.

But who has time to wash towels all day long for everyone in your home to get a new towel with each shower?

I mean seriously…you’re just drying off your freshly washed body…am I right?

And did you ever think about the bacteria that may be on that damp towel?


So, when Bathroom Butler reached out to us to try one of their heated towel racks I was super excited!

Before Bathroom Towel Rack

before photo of main bathroom with corner garden tub and window over left side and wall art hung above tub on right side vanity with mirror above to right of tub

We have a large wall above our corner tub with an electrical outlet next to the vanity that was the perfect spot to install our new wall-mounted heated towel rack.

You can see in the reflection of the mirror our row of hooks on the opposite wall where we were hanging our bath towels between showers.

Our bathroom entry door opens in the direction of the tub so when the door is open which is all…of…the…time you can imagine that there isn’t as much airflow back there to dry out our towels.

How to Choose the Right Heated Towel Rail

bathroom butler heated towel rack leaning against packaging box and vanity on tile bathroom floor

Our wall is pretty large so I ordered the larger 32″ towel rail in brushed stainless steel.

The Bathroom Butler’s Natural 7 Bar with wifi enabled switch was a classic style that went well with my master bathroom.

The brushed metal color coordinated beautifully with my hardware on the bathroom cabinets.

And the larger size allows us the capacity to heat and dry up to 4 towels at one time.

The towel bar can be hardwired but I wanted to be able to install it myself.

And when I say “I” I’m really talking about me and my husband. LOL

I was able to order the Natural 7 Bar with a plug kit so we could plug it right into our existing outlet.

Tools Needed for Installation

tools including level, power driver/drill, tape measure, hammer and awl laying on ceramic tile floor in bathroom

Basic tools are all that you need to install the wall-mounted heated towel rail.

It’s honestly so easy to install this!

Pinky promise!!

How to Install a Wall Mounted Heated Towel Rack

man's hands holding heated electric towel rail against paper template on wall above bathroom tub

Our Bathroom Butler towel rail came with a large paper template which made installation super easy.

We just found the correct towel rack on the template and held it up in the spot we wanted to mount it on the wall.

man's arms holding paper template and level on wall to install towel rail

Chris used a level to be sure it was straight!

These instructions printed on the template are so simple to follow.

So you really can’t mess it up!

man's hands using awl and hammer to make hole in drywall behind paper template to install heated towel rack

After leveling the paper template in place, Chris then used an awl and hammer to create holes in the drywall marking the exact location for installation.

man's hands holding towel bar against drywall to line up holes in bathroom

Next, he double-checked the placement of the holes he just made in the drywall.

Because remember the old saying “measure twice cut once”…well Chris really takes that literally.

He’s been known to remeasure things and double and even triple-check his measurements. Haha!

man's hands using drill to attach the towel rail hangers to the drywall using anchors

Next, we attached the four male mounts to the anchor in the drywall using our power driver.

These will be used to hold the mounting tube once installed on the towel bar.

hand attaching mounting tube with plug in kit to heated towel rail

Then, we connected the mounting tubes to the towel rail using the Allen wrench that was provided.

Three were to hold the towel rail to the wall but the fourth had the electrical wiring thread through the mounting tube for the plug-in kit we had ordered.

This plug-in kit can be installed on the left or right side because the unit comes with a dual entry electrical connection so it can be plugged into your nearest outlet.

man's hands using small allen wrench to mount towel rail to wall

Finally, Chris attached the wall mounts to the male mounts on the wall and the installation was complete.

That’s it!

See…told you it was super easy to install a wall-mounted heated towel rack!

Heated Towel Rail Wall Decor

completed wall mounted heated towel rack hanging on wall above corner tub

Now, let’s hang our bath towels and get this room styled!

But first…what about that cord?

I wanted the easy installation so went with a plug-in unit rather than the hard wired option.

But look at that cord, although absolutely necessary, it doesn’t look the prettiest.

No worries…I just grabbed a command hook and attached it to the wall then hung the cord on it.

Tada! No more cord!

The cord is tucked neatly behind the towels when they are hanging over the rails.

view of side of heated towel rack with two towels hanging over bars next to double vanity with two wood mirrors and farmhouse lighting above sinks

I always thought a heated towel rack was just an unnecessary luxury but boy was I wrong.

Having a clean & toasty towel with each shower has been incredibly amazing!

And being a bit of a germ-a-phobe, now I don’t worry about our towels harboring any bacteria.

Plus, I’m saving money not having to machine wash & dry our towels after each shower because now they are germ-free using our Bathroom Butler heated towel rail.

I call that a win! Don’t you?

completed wall mounted heated towel rack in master bedroom over corner tub with hanging succulent plants from rope in corner by window, candle and body wash on side of tub beside vanity, towel rack with robe to left of tub with plant on stool

Not only is my Bathroom Butler wall mounted heated towel rail functional it’s also a pretty wall decor feature.

Before the wall looked a little empty with just a piece of wall art hanging in the middle.

But now it’s such a beautiful bathroom space thanks to my new towel bar rack.

side by side comparison of before and after heated towel rail installation

If you have any questions or suggestions, contact me or leave a comment!

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