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How to Make an Easy DIY Yarn Hoop Wreath

This simple DIY yarn hoop wreath is so easy to make and perfect anywhere in your home. Swap the greenery each season and enjoy it year-round!

The easiest way to decorate for any season has got to be with a wreath, don’t you think?

Want to make your entry festive?

Pop a wreath onto the door and boom!

Instant Christmas.

Or fall.

Or spring.

Our friend Laura started her business, RoundWreath based on this idea, so if you’re ever looking for an inexpensive seasonal wreath, go check her out!

But making wreaths is pretty simple, even if you’re not really a crafter.

I made a new style of wreath, or at least new for me, and absolutely love how it turned out!

The Easiest DIY Hoop Wreath

Woman holding a large yarn hoop Christmas wreath with a plaid bow in an open doorway

It’s an easy Christmas craft project and I’m absolutely in love with how it turned out!

Ever since I painted my front door black, I’ve struggled with finding wreaths that show up well.

Wreaths that are made from greenery seem to blend in with the black when you look at the house from the road.

So I made the base of my wreath cream and it just pops!

I chose to use an extra-large, 23-inch diameter embroidery hoop as the base of my hoop wreath.

You could use a hula hoop or even large rings and get the same kind of results.

Using an extra bulky chenille yarn meant it was really easy (and fast!) to make this hoop wreath.

Close up of a wreath with greenery and red berries and a Christmas plaid ribbon bow.

I chose faux greenery stems that were a lighter shade of green so they were more visible too.

The mixed greenery adds a lot of texture.

Then I layered in some more stems with red berries.

A large Christmas plaid bow made from ribbon with a cream background was the finishing touch.

I made the entire wreath in under an hour!

Check out how easy this DIY hoop wreath is to make.

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Supplies You Need to Make a DIY Yarn Hoop Wreath

You only need a few items to make this simple Christmas wreath.

Most of them can be found at any craft store or on Amazon.

Supplies needed to make a yarn wreath using a large embroidery hoop

The fun thing about this project is it’s easy to transform it from a Christmas wreath to a floral wreath for spring and summer or use a more summery kind of greenery.

You could even use fall foliage or corn husks for a different look.

This project is truly a wreath for all seasons!

How to Wrap a Hoop to Make a Wreath

It’s so easy to make these wreaths, but I learned some things during the process that will help to save you time.

24-inch wood embroidery hoop on a wood floor

Since I used an embroidery hoop, I started and finished wrapping the wreath at the blocks for tightening the hoop.

You can actually make two wreaths from one embroidery hoop by separating the hoops!

So make one for yourself and one to give as a gift.

Or one for the outside of your front door and another for inside the door.

Large embroidery hoop with chunky cream-colored yarn with a Ryobi compact hot glue gun to secure the yarn to the bottom

Use hot glue to attach the end of the yarn to the hoop.

I absolutely love the cordless hot glue guns from Ryobi!

It’s so nice to not have to worry about a cord getting caught in the yarn, or having to do the project close to an electrical outlet.

Be careful, though, because the glue from these glue guns gets really hot!

Large embroidery hoop with chunky cream-colored yarn wrapped around the bottom

Now, start wrapping the yarn around the hoop.

Pull the yarn tight as you wrap.

To get a really full look, smoosh the yarn close together.

I actually just slid it down the hoop every so often to get it nice and close together.

Or don’t smoosh it and you’ll end up needing less yarn!

Either way you do it, this yarn-wrapped hoop wreath looks fabulous.

Large embroidery hoop wrapped with chunky cream yarn on a wood floor

How to Attach Greenery to a Hoop Wreath

After the hoop is completely wrapped, it’s time to decorate the wreath.

I chose to only add greenery to half of the wreath because I loved how the yarn-wrapped part looked.

If you don’t want to ever change the look of your wreath you can use hot glue to attach sprigs of greenery, faux florals, or other kinds of seasonal picks to decorate it.

Large embroidery hoop wrapped in chunky cream yarn in the background and a hand holding a package of florist wire in the foreground.

I know I like to change things up, so I used florist wire to attach the greenery to the base.

That way, I could easily remove the greenery without damaging the greenery or the yarn-wrapped hoop wreath.

I found florist wire that has a wire cutter built into the packaging and it’s my absolute favorite!

No more hunting for the wire cutters that I tend to “put away” in a safe spot in my craft area.

Which means they basically disappear…

Large embroidery hoop wrapped in chunky cream yarn with faux greenery attached to bottom half with floral wire.

The greenery stems I used had long stems and I chose to leave them intact.

You can cut them if you prefer, but if you leave them intact and use florist wire you can use them again in lots of other ways!

I placed the stems on the wrapped hoop wreath and bent the stems into a curve to match the shape of the wreath.

It was easy to wire the stems to the wreath.

I chose to let the stems hang out a bit at their ends for a more relaxed look.

Large embroidery hoop wrapped in chunky cream yarn with faux greenery attached to bottom half.

Next, I added another layer of the same style of stem to cover the ends of the first set of stems.

I left a section of the wreath uncovered by the greenery stems because I planned to put a bow in the middle.

Just position the stems so they’re tucked into the greenery of the first stem you attach.

Large embroidery hoop wrapped in chunky cream yarn with faux greenery attached to bottom half and red berry stems.

I love the look of red beries during the holidays so I was thrilled to find some stems with small red berries!

I layered two of each of the red berry stems over the greenery stems on each side of the wreath.

How to Add a Bow to a Hoop Wreath

A large bow is the perfect way to give your hoop wreath a finishing touch.

I used 3-inch wide plaid ribbon with a cream background so that it would “pop” against my black door

Large embroidery hoop wrapped in chunky cream yarn with faux greenery and red berry stems attached to bottom half with a Christmas plaid bow in the bottom center.

I love how you can give a hoop wreath a different look based on how you position your bow!

Place the bow on the bottom with the tails hanging down from the hoop wreath for one look.

Or turn the wreath around with the greenery at the top and attach the bow so the tails hang into the center of the wreath.

Large embroidery hoop wrapped in chunky cream yarn with faux greenery and red berry stems attached to left half with a Christmas plaid bow on the left side.

Or rotate the wreath so the greenery is on the side, and attach the bow so the tails hang down one side!

Just note, you may need to add a command hook on your door to suppor the weight of the wreath when it’s positioned this way.

Otherwise it ends up hanging a little crooked…

Black front door with a DIY yarn wreath decorated with greenery and red berries on the bottom half adorned with a large plaid bow.

After playing around with the different options, I chose to hang my wreath so the bow and the greenery were on the bottom of my wreath.

I absolutely loved how it looked on my door!

In fact, I loved it so much I left it on my door until spring.

Are you ready to make your own easy DIY hoop wreath this year?

I’d love to see your wreath turns out. Be sure to send me a picture of it!

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