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How to Set Up the Best Candy Buffet

Learn how to create the best candy buffet for your next event. Impress your guests with a dessert bar filled with yummy treats.

Do you love to entertain?


Oh good…me too!

I have so much fun with the whole party planning process.

Being creative with a theme for an event and executing that idea is an exciting challenge.

Although I like to entertain, I also like to keep it simple.

Because I know that hosting a party can be really stressful sometimes too!

You have to think about everything, like…

Where will I host the party?

Who should I invite?

How will I decorate?

What will I serve?

Well, I’ve got an amazing idea that will help you pull off a special addition to your next party!

All of your guests will absolutely love it!

And it will be so easy for you to put together with all of my tips!

So, let’s get started!!

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How to Style the Best Candy Buffet

glass jars filled with candy on wood table and tags hanging from lids of containers

I’ve been doing dessert bars or candy buffets at parties for years.

They’re so much fun!

And I mean seriously, who doesn’t love candy?!

This candy bar features the favorites of the guests of honor at my son’s graduation party with two of his friends back in 2016.

(Pardon the poor photo quality…this was before I was blogging and a much better photographer…lol.)

Using glass jars with lids allows people to see what’s in each container and the candy itself becomes part of the décor at the party.

I’ve collected apothecary jars for a long time, but you can just use what you have around the house.

Think outside of the box…vases, bowls, or even mason jars.

Why Should You Create a Dessert Bar?

dessert bar set up with decorations above and glass jars with candy and cupcakes in tiered tray

Candy buffets are a perfect way to serve dessert because sometimes by the end of a party we may forget to bring the dessert out.

Can anyone relate?

By creating a pretty dessert bar that’s set up before guests even arrive there’s no way to forget about the treats in the fridge!

sweet 16 birthday candy buffet with glass jars

For my daughter’s 16th birthday, I chose white colored treats and candy wrapped in metallic foil to coordinate with the color scheme of her Sweet Sixteen Party.

I display my candy bars on a buffet table that’s a bit out of the way from the flow of traffic in our kitchen.

The food is usually set up on our kitchen island or the kitchen table so having the dessert in a different area keeps it separated.

It’s also fun to add some party décor above your candy buffet to make it a featured area at your gathering.

Indoor candy buffet table with a photo banner at a graduation party

Anne styled a gorgeous table for her twins high school graduation last year.

She kept the blue and gold theme which were their high school colors throughout the party.

And her dessert table was no exception!

A combination of glass jars and tiered trays holds everything…not only all that colorful candy but cookies and brownies too.

The addition of her DIY party décor creates a beautiful display.

Small Candy Buffet Ideas

mini metal buckets with candy and paper name tags for candy buffet

A really easy idea for a small gathering is to create a portable candy buffet.

Just because you’re not hosting a big crowd doesn’t mean you can’t create something special.

My middle son graduated in 2020 (ugh…I know…that wasn’t a fun year to graduate) so we had a small virtual party for him at home.

I added six small metal buckets in his school colors to a sectioned wood tray I already had.

Then I just filled the buckets with candy.

And that’s it…easy peasy!

Mason jars would be a fun alternative to the buckets.

How to Decorate Store Bought Treats

wood two tiered tray filled with mini cupcakes on dessert candy bar display

Want to know one of my secrets to easy entertaining?

Buy premade treats!

Rather than spending time in the kitchen whipping up a cake, I buy mini cupcakes from my local wholesale club.

They’re delicious and I can get both vanilla and chocolate flavors.

I add sprinkles to coordinate with the colors of the party and make them look a bit prettier.

The single serve size are small enough to pop in your mouth which makes them perfect for a dessert bar.

three tiered tray on table in front of mirror hung on wall filled with mini cupcakes and toothpicks with class of 2016 and graduation cap decor

DIY personalized party picks are easy to make and they bring some colorful party vibes to the store bought cupcakes.

If you have a printer and a scalloped paper lever punch you can make these picks for your next party too.

Three-tiered stand with decorated, frosted brownies

Anne’s son loves brownies, so for his graduation party she bought them with icing in his school colors.

How cool is that!?

These flag picks are another easy DIY project you can make with this banner paper punch and toothpicks.

The little pennants spruce up store bought treats.

Personalized Candy Buffet Signs

framed diy sign for candy buffet dessert bar

Everyone probably can recognize your dessert table or candy bar for what it is.

But why not add to your decorating with a personalized sign?

I made this cute sign for Katy & Livy’s candy buffet.

A printed poem backed with colored card stock in the party colors looks great in Anne’s pretty frame on their table.

tented sign standing in front of glass jars filled with candy on buffet for birthday party

For Emma’s party I made a 5×7 tented card with layered glitter card stock and sheer gold ribbon accents.

A simple DIY that adds some personalization to the candy bar.

Why Should You Use Candy Buffet Tags?

glass cylinder jars filled with candy on party dessert table labeled with contents

Did you know I used to have an Etsy shop?

Yup, it’s true.

And can you guess what I sold?

Did you guess candy buffet signs & tags??

LOL…. told you I’ve been creating candy buffets for years.

Just like candy buffet signs you don’t have to use candy tags.

But why wouldn’t you?

I mean don’t they just look so pretty?

Aren’t coordinating candy tags a perfect finishing touch to creating the best candy buffet!

How To Make Candy Buffet Tags

glass candy jar with square tag hanging from lid on dessert table at graduation party

Anne had some beautiful ribbon that she wanted to incorporate in the girls graduation party.

Since one of the ribbon styles was a bright yellow polka dot and other had a pretty sunflower pattern she wanted to keep the tags a simple square.

Of course, I made them in the party themes colors…blue and yellow.

Cutting the different colored card stock with a paper trimmer is a quick way to make these labels.

Be sure to use some fun names for each of the treats on your candy buffet.

I also made each tag to hang from each of the different glass jar styles.

There was a combination of tags that hung from the jar lid or over the edge of an open container.

Some that wrapped around the middle of the candy jars and others that were tent cards sitting in front of the treat.

hanging paper tag with striped ribbon on lidded glass candy jar

For Jake’s graduation party, I used a blue striped ribbon with a layered oval tag on all the candy jars.

In addition, to the usual candy options for graduation parties with fun names like Smartie Pants, Class Rings, and Honor Rolls I like to add the guest of honor’s favorite candy.

After all it is their party!

tented card reading cupcakes in front of tray on dessert table display

This bracket shaped tag was the most popular item sold in my Etsy shop.

Many of my customers were purchasing candy tags for weddings, so everyone loved the glitter card stock option too.

The gold sheer ribbon was so pretty for Emma’s birthday party.

small blue buckets filled with candy in wood tray with paper labels on wood sticks

Attaching the scalloped shaped candy label to a cake pop stick with double stick tape was easy to make a paper punch.

Then just place each candy tag stick in the treat filled bucket to create a fun little portable candy display to use anywhere at your party.

If you have any questions or suggestions, contact me or leave a comment!

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