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How to Update Pillar Candleholders with Chalk Paint

Do you have outdated candleholders sitting around that you’re not using? Let’s update those candleholders with chalk paint.

You know those home decor items that you tuck away and think maybe someday I’ll use them again.

Well, I’ve been holding on to a few candlesticks and pillar candle holders that I’ve had for years & years but never got rid of.

And boy am I glad I never donated them!

I had an idea for my Christmas fireplace mantel and I needed a bunch of white candlesticks & pillar holders.

At first I searched a few home decor stores and found a few but they weren’t exactly what I was looking for.

I also hit up a couple thrift stores but again no luck.

Then it occurred to me that I had several at home that would work they just weren’t the right color.

So I grabbed my chalk paint and started working on updating them!

Painting Pillar Candleholders with Chalk Paint

two pillar candle holders one taller than the other sitting on kitchen table with container of chalk paint and chip brush on table in front

The first set of candle holders I updated were black wood pillars with a gold accent.

Since I was going for a rustic farmhouse feel and the holders were already black I decided to try dry brushing the paint on them.

I used Americana Decor Chalky finish in white with a simple chip brush.

chip brush painting candle holder on papertowel

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To dry brush you dip the end of your paint brush lightly in the chalk paint then dab the excess off on a paper towel or paper plate.

Then you lightly brush on the paint so that the original color of the piece shows through the paint.

hand dry brushing chalk paint on candle holder

After letting the candle holders dry I really didn’t like it and decided to do a second coat and cover them completely.

It’s always good to have a plan B and I’m glad I at least tried the dry brushing technique.

hand painting pillar candl holder set on cardboard on countertop

Here they are after putting a second coat of the white chalk paint on…ahh so much better!

But not perfect yet!

Now they were a solid white color and a bit boring.

Distressing Painted Candleholders

two painted pillar candle holders on sidewalk outside with sanding block laying next to them

But no worries nothing a little sanding couldn’t fix!

Since these candleholders were originally black all I needed was to sand the painted edges to create the distressed farmhouse look I wanted.

That’s the beauty of chalk paint it’s so easy to just sand a bit of the paint off until you get the look you want.

hand sanding candle holder outside on side walk next to grass

With just a bit of distressing with the sanding sponge and now they’re perfect.

candle holders on sidewalk after distressing with sanding sponge

I also used the same painting technique on a set of old metal pillar candle holders.

I was a bit more hesitant to paint these because I paid more for them but I figured if they were just sitting in a closet I wasn’t enjoying them anyway, right!?

You can see them all finished in this photo of my completed Christmas fireplace mantel.

painted candle holders on fireplace mantel with greenery below stone fireplace and wreath

And now I’m able to enjoy our pretty fireplace mantel with my updated chalk painted pillar candleholders.

Check out how I upcylced my candlesticks for the fireplace mantel here.

If you have any questions or suggestions, contact me or leave a comment!

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