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Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Makeover

Want to complete a modern farmhouse bathroom makeover in a weekend with very little investment?  Read on to see how simple this project is with just some paint and a few updates.

double vanity sinks with white top.  Two separate mirrors above sinks. plant and towel sitting on sink

My kids are teenagers!  Well, actually one is a young adult and in college.  Yup…as much as I’d like to stick my head in the sand about them growing up…it’s happening faster than I’d like.  We have a guest bathroom upstairs in the hall near their bedrooms that they all share.  But it was in desperate need of a makeover!  Ready for the before picture?

kids bathroom with yellow walls and colorful striped shower curtainYikes!  So bright…kinda like a carnival.  Am I right?  Maybe cute for little ones but not so much for teens.  The good news is the bathroom is a decent size with double sinks which is great for three kids.  But the decor…well let’s just say they may be outgrowing it.  Haha!
kids bathroom with yellow walls and colorful striped shower curtain

I had chosen the gender-neutral fun colors several years ago but I’m pretty sure they may be over the splish splash quote I had painted on the wall.  But just look at that cute little frog on a lilypad toothbrush holder!  Ok…ok…I know they aren’t little anymore.

Modern Farmhouse Bathroom Makeover Plan

The plan was to create a more grown-up space for them on a limited budget.  All the fixtures were in good shape…I just needed paint and a new shower curtain. Easy! Cheap! Done!  But…you know how one project or update always leads to another…

Choosing Paint Color

First, I needed to pick a paint color that was neutral for the room.  I had been debating between Revere Pewter by Benjamin Moore and Edgecomb Gray (which is just one shade lighter on the swatch) for our downstairs open areas in the kitchen, family room, living room, and hallways.  Revere Pewter is one of the most popular interior house paint colors.  My sister painted her house, Revere.  I suggested that color to Anne who also painted her house, Revere.  But still had trouble deciding for my own house.  So…I thought let’s try Edgecomb in the kid’s bathroom since I’ve seen Revere Pewter on the walls in both my sister’s & Anne’s houses.  That way I could really decide which of the two I liked best before repainting my entire house.

benjamin moore paint swatch with revere pewter, edgecombe gray, and lancaster whitewash

And I’m so glad I tried the lighter shade with Edgecomb Gray.  I LOVED the outcome!  It was so light and bright.  It’s amazing what a gallon of paint can do for a room.

double vanity sinks with white top.  Two separate mirrors above sinks. plant and towel sitting on sink

Updating Mirrors

But then another idea came to mind….remember how I said one thing leads to another….well…I didn’t like the large builders mirror over the double vanity.  I had lots of diy ideas saved on Pinterest for framing out that big ugly mirror.  But in the end, I decided I really liked the look of two separate mirrors.  So we removed the large mirror and I found these that worked perfectly in the room and within my budget at Ikea.

double white vanity sinks with white hand towel laying on sink. small faux plant in basket on sink

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If you don’t have an Ikea near you don’t worry… I found these mirrors that are similar but a bit smaller.

Creating Extra Storage

I hung a cabinet that was a Home Goods find from over 10 years ago for extra storage.  This cabinet organizes face soaps, shaving cream, and razors which is easy to access from the sink.  Since I bought this so long ago I wanted to find you a similar wall cabinet on Amazon.

white wall cabinet with glass doors above toliet.  Bathroom products stored inside with plant on top of cabinet.

Modern Farmhouse Lighting

All of the lighting in our home was basic builders grade and I’ve been slowly updating the light fixtures one room at a time.  I love the rustic look of barn lights and had used them in a different project in my son’s room.  I purchased these lights at Lowe’s and they were the perfect update for their bathroom.  And reasonably priced too!  Another affordable option with a gooseneck can be purchased from Amazon. Both styles are perfect for a modern farmhouse bathroom.

double vanity sinks with white top.  Two separate mirrors above sinks. plant and towel sitting on sink

Adding Accessories

A new shower curtain works perfectly with the bamboo shade that we already had in the bathroom.  I found the striped fabric shower curtain at TJ Maxx but you can probably find one at any home store.  Hereis a link to another striped shower curtain that I may even like more than ours.  Hmm…maybe a mini update is needed?

window with seagrass blinds and blue and white shower currtain

Baskets, faux plants, and even the glass bottled handsoap add to the style of the new bathroom.  New fluffy white towels complete our modern farmhouse bathroom makeover.

double vanity sink area with glass soap dispenser and faux plant in wicker basket

Painting the walls and adding a few simple updates give us the modern farmhouse vibe we love.  A new updated grown-up bathroom for my kids to enjoy.  Now if they can only keep it looking this clean!

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double vanity sink with white mirrors blue striped shower curtain  and bamboo shade over window n the reflection of mirror.  white cabinet with glass doors over toliet