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How to Celebrate the End of Summer with 3 Fun Back to School Traditions

Check out these super fun back to school traditions to make the transition from summer to school special for your children.

Is your social media starting to get flooded with back to school pictures?

Mine sure is! 

Our oldest is getting ready to move back to college for his junior year next week. 

Which is just crazy! 

I thought his high school years went fast…these college years are just flying by! 


Or maybe…possibly…it’s that I’m getting older and the years are moving faster. 

Our middle son will start his junior year in high school the following week and our daughter…my baby will be a freshman. 

She’s nervous…I’m sad! 

Thankfully she will be in the same school with her big brother which she’s so excited about!

How did this happen? 

Weren’t they just those little children getting on that great big school bus for their very first day of kindergarten? 

Now they will drive themselves back to their college campus or drive off with their sibling to high school for their first day of school.

Back to school is usually exciting around here….school supplies, new clothes, organizing backpacks. 

Even though if given the choice my kids would prefer summer, they do like going back to school to see friends they haven’t seen in a while. 

But they would never admit it! 


And I’m one of those moms that loves having my kids home all summer. 

But honestly, after more than two months of lazy days, it’s great to get back on a schedule.

How to Celebrate the Last Day of Summer

three children standing at edge of pool getting ready to jump in on last day of summer vacation before school starts

Like most families, we have a few back to school traditions. 

The first is spending the last day of summer doing something really fun.

And the best part my kids always get to choose what they want to do on the last day of summer.

When they were little my kids usually picked a trip to our local zoo or some years they just wanted to spend another day swimming in our pool. 

As they’ve got older they wanted to hang out with their friends soaking up the last day of summer vacation. 

Taking Photos on the 1st Day of School

Another back to school tradition is the annual Christiano photoshoot in our front yard! 

I’m pretty sure most of us have this tradition! Am I right?

I don’t know about your children by my kids love this one! 

Haha…just kidding…they tolerate it…barely!

As you can see my oldest refused to hold the chalkboard sign when he was in high school but he did kinda smile for a photo.

split photo left side little boy on first day of kindergarten and right side boy as teenager on first day of senior year

And here’s Jake, my first born on his very first day of kindergarten and then on his first day of his senior year…his last year of school.

I’ve taken a picture of all three of kiddos every single year the morning of their first day of school.

Although twice…once with my daughter and once with my son…we had to “re-do” the picture after school.

Do you take back to school pictures too?

Back to School Treats

When our oldest started school many years ago, I started a tradition of making him cookies while he was at school. 

And I’ve continued this every year! 

This is my family’s very favorite tradition for their first day of school.

I make them chocolate chip cookies…their absolute favorite….while they are at school and leave them on the counter with a notecard!

The other day my daughter said she can’t wait for school to start because she wants me to make her cookies. 

Which I find funny because if she asked me, I’d make cookies for her anytime. 

But I do love that she’s excited and looking forward to our back to school tradition!

I could just save the tented notecards from year to year but I enjoy making a new one and snapping a picture for my future scrapbooks. 

You know when I’m an empty nester and have time to actually create my annual family yearbook/scrapbooks. 

I actually did make our family yearbook one year… way back in 2010…and it’s awesome! 

But that’s a story for another post.

And then there were only two kids at home for our back to school traditions. 

But no worries I sent my boy cookies at college!

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