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How to Create a Super Easy Counter Coffee Station in Minutes

Do you hate clutter on your countertops? Let’s get it organized in minutes with a super easy counter coffee station.

Our hope when starting this blog was to share some super easy ideas for you to live your life simply! 

Because life is hard enough.

Who loves their morning cup ‘o joe to get their day started?

Can we still be friends if I tell you that I don’t like coffee?

Not even a little bit!

I know…I know I’m crazy.

Although, I’m not a coffee lover, my husband Chris definitely loves his morning coffee. 

So we have a big ‘ol coffee maker sitting out in our kitchen. 

And being a non-coffee drinker, I really don’t like looking at it sitting out.

I’d rather have our counters cleared off and just display a few pretty cutting boards and maybe even a plant or candle.

However, I’m a realistic person and I know it’s not possible to have everything put away in a cabinet. 

And it doesn’t make too much sense to store these small appliances that we use every day in a cabinet or pantry. 

Yes…sure I could stick the toaster away in a cabinet.

But honestly, I’d rather the crumbs that always seem to fall out of the bottom of any toaster fall on the counter where I can easily clean them up.

Otherwise, those crumbs will wind up in the cabinet or all over the floor as my family pulls out the toaster every day.

Remember I live with teenagers who don’t seem to share my love of a clean kitchen.  Haha!

I don’t mind cleaning our kitchen…it’s one area in our home that I like to keep neat & tidy. 

Not that the rest of my house is a disaster…well maybe a few areas are! 

But the kitchen is the room I spend the most time in so I enjoy having it organized. 

Okay back to the point of this blog post…today I’m sharing an idea that’s so easy for anyone to do in their own kitchens.

Let’s create a super simple countertop coffee station.

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How to Create a Countertop Coffee Station

coffee pot and accessories in tray on counter to create coffee station bar

The kids and I bought my husband a new coffee maker for Father’s Day.

Chris had raved about the amazing coffee with frothed milk he enjoyed at our friend’s when we recently visited them. 

It’s a Ninja Coffee Bar and he absolutely loves it.

To create a countertop coffee station all you need is a pretty tray to organize your coffee-making supplies.

Since the coffee maker sits in a corner, I wanted a round tray to make the best use of the space.

And it had to be large enough to hold the big coffee bar and a few other supplies.

I found a large farmhouse style metal & wood tray at….yup…you guessed it…HomeGoods. 

Gotta love a find from your favorite home decor store!

This tray from Amazon is similar to mine.

I have this galvanized tray with wood handles on my coffee table but it would be perfect for a coffee station.

The two-toned wood pattern on this one from Amazon is so pretty. 

At the end of this post, I’ve shared a bunch of other decorative tray options to make shopping online simple.

How to Organize a Round Tray as a Coffee Bar

round wood and metal tray holding coffee maker on counter

I placed the coffee maker on the large round tray which fits perfectly in the corner of the counters.

Then added a mason jar filled with our favorite sweetener packets.

Adding small felt pads to the bottom of the tray allows us to slide it in and out of the corner easily.

The felt also prevents the metal from scratching the counters.

Everything is organized in one spot in our kitchen where Chris can grab what he needs to make a cup of coffee anytime.

A simple pretty tray turns a functional area into something that’s also decorative.

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collage of different style large round decorative trays with handles

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