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Simply Pretty – Coffee Station

Our hope when starting this blog was to share some easy ideas for you to live your life simply!  Today we are sharing an idea with you that really is so easy for anyone to do in their own kitchens…a coffee station.

Although I’m not a coffee lover, my husband is.  So we have a big ‘ol coffee maker sitting out on our counter.  I really prefer to have most of our counters cleared of small appliances however, it’s not possible to have everything put away in a cabinet.  And it doesn’t make too much sense to store these appliances that we use every day in a cabinet or pantry.  I’d rather the toaster crumbs on the counter than all over the floor or in the cabinet.  Remember… I live with teenagers…and they don’t seem to share my love of a clean kitchen.  Haha!

I don’t mind cleaning our kitchen…it’s one area in our home that I like to keep neat & tidy.  Not that the rest of my house is a disaster…well maybe a few areas are!  But the kitchen is the room we spend the most time in so I enjoy having it organized.  We bought my husband a new coffee maker for Father’s Day after he raved about the amazing coffee with frothed milk he enjoyed at our friend’s home.  I got him the Ninja Coffee Bar and I was able to use a 20% coupon.

I scored a pretty round metal & wood tray at….yup…you guessed it…HomeGoods.  You can find lots of great options there.  Just setting the coffee maker in the tray along with the sugar and creamer organizes this area of the counter.  A simple tray turns a functional area into something that is also now decorated.

Do you use trays in your home to contain like items?

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