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Simply Stated

Happy Weekend!

How’s everyone doing? How’s the weather by you?

We got lots of rain this week in North Carolina and ended the week with some sleet & ice.

But we were lucky and it wasn’t too bad!

We still had power and the roads were clear near our homes.

For our friends who are having severe weather with snow and ice, we’re praying that you are safe and warm!

Anne and I are both heading north this weekend to celebrate our good friend’s birthday.

Oh btw…it’s AnnMarie writing this week…we trade off every other week writing our Simply Stated posts.

Back to the road trip…we are so excited because it’s a surprise for our friend…she has no idea we are coming!

We’ll actually already be there by the time you are reading this so don’t worry I’m not letting the cat out of the bag. LOL!

We all were super close when we lived in the same neighborhood.

Their family is like framily to us just like Anne and I are to each other. And our husbands and kids are friends too.

And even though we don’t live close by we make the effort to keep our friendships a priority in our lives.

We visit often and even vacation together because we just have so much fun together.

group of six adults three woman and three men on roof top in new orleans

Be sure to check out our Instagram and Facebook stories I’m sure we will “hop” on during the weekend and share what we are up to.

It will be nice to get away, kick back and relax after the busy week we’ve had.

We are just about finished with our laundry room makeovers…I think Anne is pretty much done with hers and I’m finally getting those DIY shelves styled.

This week on the blog Anne shared how she and Kevin built their Ballard inspired DIY Beadboard Drying Rack for about $50.

Man marking placement of dowels on a DIY wall mounted drying rack while sitting on the floor of a garage

And I showed you how to extend an electrical outlet without hiring a pro. You can totally do it yourself and save money!

close up view of electric wall outlet behind shiplap wall

Do you suffer from paralysis by analysis like I do? Well, let me help you with my best tips for choosing the perfect stain color.

sample board with three stain options on it leaning against unfinished door

Need some meal inspiration? Anne shared 37 fast & healthy meal ideas so you’ll never run out of ideas with this list!

plate with brown rice cakes spread with peanut junkie butter and sliced bananas with a cup of sliced cucumbers THM E meal

We also found some awesome ideas for you this week…

Creating a multifunctional workspace.

Tips for decorating during seasonal transitions.

How to easily install cabinet hardware.

This DIY wall rack.

And this painting tip.

Don’t make these organizing mistakes.

This simple centerpiece with vintage bottles.

These fantastic vintage finds.

A yummy soup recipe for this cold weather.

This idea to start growing seeds indoors.

Have a great week friends!