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Happy weekend, friends!

We have a few random thoughts for you on this beautiful November day.

Today is Anne’s momiversary!

What’s a momiversary you ask?

Well, some people refer to it as their children’s birthday.

But if you’re a mom, you know your life changed dramatically with the birth of each child.

So while we definitely celebrate their birthdays, we also like to take some time to reflect on the actual day they were born.

Remembering their birth story and what it meant to us.

How it changed us.

And celebrate the amazing gift of becoming a mother!

On this day, 21 years ago, Anne became a mom for the very first time. And so began an amazing, life-altering journey.

Be sure to let us know any time you’re celebrating a child’s birthday and we’ll wish you a happy momiversary too.

We have been busy decorating our homes for the holidays this week.

And we’re preparing for Thanksgiving which will be a Friendsgiving for us this year since we’re unable to see our families due to the pandemic.

What are you doing for Thanksgiving this week?

On and around the blog

We shared some fun ideas with you on the blog this week!

This easy DIY Advent Calendar is great for any age.

We love that it’s reusable year after year!

Small burlap bags with black and white numbered tags tied with red ribbons at the tops attached to garland of greenery with small clothespins

AnnMarie shared tips for choosing a rug for a dining room or kitchen.

You’ve got to check out how it changed the whole look of her dining room!

dining room with wood floors table in middle of room with 6 chairs around table china cabinet behind table chandelier above table

We’re loving Anne’s recipe for Pumpkin Overnight Oats. The maple walnut crumble topping makes it taste like dessert for breakfast!

Overhead view of three Small jars filled with pumpkin cheesecake overnight oats with a maple walnut crumble on top.

We found some fantastic ideas for you this week!

Like this fun way to wrap gifts.

And these tips for a classic holiday flower.

We’re loving this holiday checklist.

And this beautiful Thanksgiving table.

Who couldn’t use something to help relax this time of year?

These ideas for getting organized.

This recipe for leftover turkey.

This fun holiday craft.

This hot cocoa recipe.

This affordable holiday decorating idea.

And this amazing casserole recipe!

We hope you are having a weekend as wonderful as you are!

Happy Thanksgiving from our homes to yours.