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Simply Stated 30

Hello Sunshine!

Is it a beautiful day where you live too?

As you read this, AnnMarie is enjoying time with her extended family in the Outer Banks of North Carolina.

They’ve been taking this vacation together for years!

And I’m on my way to have dinner with my parents and my sister in Virginia (this is Anne writing to you today).

This is the first time either of us have seen our extended family since Christmas of 2019.

We’re feeling pretty blessed.

Have you been able to see your family recently?

I’ve got a few random thoughts for you today, and then I’m off to give out some big hugs!

1. Last week AnnMarie and I had the opportunity to teach at a large blogging conference last weekend. Word traveled about our first class and our second class was to a full house! Helping other women to do what we’re doing really fills our bucket. Have you ever thought about starting a blog? Message us and we’d love to help you get started!

2. The peaches are so delicious right now. Since fresh peaches are only really good for a short time, I’m having one with almost every meal… What’s your favorite way to eat peaches?

3. We absolutely love Christmas, so when a friend asked us to participate in a Christmas in July blog hop this week, of course we said yes! It was so fun to look back at our pictures from last year and we’ve got 13 fun ideas to inspire you.

4. Did you know that you may need to start thinking about college housing for the 2022-23 school year in the next month or so? Crazy, right? But many universities don’t offer housing after freshman year, and apartment spaces are already signing leases for the NEXT year. We’ll be sharing tips for this process with you next week!

5. Tell us, what’s your favorite binge-worthy show on Netflix, Amazon Prime, or Apple TV? We’re both looking for something to watch while we wait for season 4 of Yellowstone to be released. Drop us a comment below!

And now, I’ve got some great inspiration from around the web to share with you!

This recipe is on my meal plan for next week.

I’m loving this idea to upcycle some older furniture pieces!

I need to give this meal planning idea a try.

I’ve been enjoying this salad this week.

Doesn’t this look so refreshing?

We’re definitely whipping up a batch of this recipe next week!

Love these closet decluttering tips.

How beautiful is this?

Get this in my belly!

These simple crafts are so fun!

So many ideas for beautifully displaying vintage finds here.

Hope you all have an amazing week filled with ideas and inspiration!

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