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Week in Review: September 4-10 | It’s apple season so this week we shared our favorite apple recipes. We also gave you some ideas for what to bring when renting a place in the mountains. And you don’t want to miss our easy upcycle craft project.

We finished up our pumpkin crafts but only got to share one more on the blog this week.

Lots of our Instagram followers wanted the directions to our chunky braided yarn pumpkin we shared with you last week.

Have you made one yet?

Wait until you see what we shared this week! Get the link below.

And we’re saving our last one for next week.

Will it be the best one?

We’ll let you decide!

AnnMarie’s Week

It was a short week after the holiday weekend which is always nice.

But I was in a bit of a funk on Tuesday and Wednesday.

I think after the busyness of getting two kids back to campus in August and then spending the long weekend with them it was hard to get back into the swing of things this week.

Sometimes I really miss having a full loud house.

Thursday started out great…I had a hair appointment in the morning then Anne and I had a working lunch at one of our favorite restaurants.

But later that afternoon I got a call from my stepmom that my dad was back in the hospital and not doing very well.

So I booked a flight to NJ, packed a suitcase, and headed to the airport but then got a text my flight was cancelled. Ugh!

In the meantime, my sister arrived at the hospital and said Dad was doing much better so I flew out the next morning.

Unfortunately, my dad has COPD so he’s going to continue to have flare-ups and he’s also recovering from pneumonia but it wasn’t as dire as the doctor had informed us.

We all kind of panicked based on the doctor’s prognosis, however, it was a huge relief he wasn’t as bad as we originally thought.

And now I get to visit with my Dad while he’s in the hospital and I’m able to spend some time with family.

Yesterday, I even went to my nephew’s football games in between hospital visits. It was so great to see them play.

I’m so grateful that I have a job that allows me to work from wherever I am and a business partner that picks up the slack when I can’t get things done.

Anne’s Week

On Monday, I got together with my daughter to do some wedding planning!

She and her fiancee booked the location last summer, but they haven’t really done anything else since. We’re still 14 months away from the big day, so no worries.

I didn’t want to step on her toes and make her feel like I was taking over. But last weekend, I asked her if she wanted some help, and she said yes!

She has a Pinterest board and knows what she likes. Now we’re working to get the photographer, DJ, and caterer booked. Plus we made appointments to go dress shopping when my other daughter will be home over Thanksgiving break.

On Friday, my husband and I met up with my son for lunch. It was so good to see him! Next weekend his work schedule starts being crazy with 12-hour shifts for six weeks while the plant does routine maintenance. His team will be working 7 days a week, so he’ll be working some weekends.

I’m so glad we were able to squeeze in a quick visit!

Then we headed to Blacksburg for an early football game on Saturday. Within five minutes of kickoff, the sky opened up and there was lightening too so they cleared the stadium.

We waited a little while, but when there was no sign of it letting up we decided to get on the road. We drove up to our friends’ new house in Front Royal. It’s a great mountain cabin with amazing views!

That stop helped break up the drive to Maryland. My husband and I are both helping our parents this week.

Kevin’s mom is having a heart procedure tomorrow morning, and prayers are much appreciated. He’s taking her to the hospital and then driving her back to her home in Delaware. He’ll be there to help out for a few days in case she needs it.

Meanwhile, I’m heading to my parent’s home to visit and also help them. We’re going to get started with cleaning out things that have been accumulating for the past 44 years. Cleaning things out will make it easier for them if they need to move in the next few years.

AnnMarie and I are truly in the sandwich generation phase of our lives. Our young adults still need us, but now, so do our aging parents. It’s challenging. If you have any tips for this season of life, we’d love to hear them.

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It’s apple season so this week we shared some of our favorite apple recipes.

We also gave you a bunch of ideas for what to bring when renting a place in the mountains.

And you don’t want to miss our easy fall upcycle craft project.

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If you have any questions or suggestions, contact us or leave a comment!

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