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Upgrade Her World: 21 Tech Gift Ideas for the Savvy Woman

Shopping for a tech-loving woman? We’ve found some fantastic gadgets for all facets of her life! These stylish and innovative tech gift ideas will help you gift with confidence.

Technology plays such a big part of our day-to-day life, and it’s always changing!

The good news is that all that change means there are so many great gift ideas for the tech-loving women in your life.

Not sure where to start?

Don’t sweat it! We’ve put together a list of cool and stylish tech gifts that’ll make her day.

Whether she’s all about gadgets, getting things done, saving time, or just loves sleek design, we’ve got something she’ll love.

Get even more shopping ideas!

Our magazine-style shopping guide includes ideas for moms who need pampering, love to travel, sporty moms, the cozy homebody, gardeners, foodie moms, and tech lovers. Plus, don’t miss the bonus pages of ideas for those “hard to shop for” moms, sentimental ideas, and memorable experiences!

Deep Dive into These Ideas:

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High Tech Ideas for Health and Beauty

Even if she already has an Apple watch, she may love the new Apple Watch Series 9.

Not only does it pair with her iPhone, but its new technology also allows you to interact with it without even touching the screen!

It has built-in ECG functionality that also allows her to track her sleep, and the fall and crash detection can be set up to send out an SOS automatically.

Let’s face it, we’ve all got our phones in our hands a lot of the time. A new phone case that matches her style is a great idea for a gift!

We love all the gorgeous patterns and designs by Walli.

They’re well-made, and include a loop that makes it comfortable to hold, and many designs also have a pocket to hold a driver’s license or credit card.

Whether she likes listening to music, scrolling social media at night, listening to podcasts, or talking on the phone hands-free, a set of Bluetooth earbuds is pretty handy. This set of Bluetooth Earbud Headphones is comfortable to wear and compatible with all Bluetooth devices. They’re also waterproof and include built-in microphones.

We got to try out these Echo Frames Smart Audio Glasses with Alexa when we were in San Diego and they’re so cool!

You can order them with blue light blocking or sunglass lenses, or you can take the frames to your eye doctor and put prescription lenses in them! T

hey pair with your Alexa and let you talk on the phone, listen to music, listen to podcasts, etc. They’re really comfortable to wear too!

Tech Gifts to Boost Productivity

This stylish notebook has a secret: it’s reusable!

Studies have shown that we learn and retain better when we write things down, but finding those notes again can be challenging.

This reusable notebook uploads your notes to the cloud so you can access them digitally. Talk about a nifty trick! The novelty and the function combine to make a great gift.

If the person you’re shopping for loves to get organized, then this portable wireless label maker is speaking her love language.

It comes in a variety of colors and is so much more functional than the classic label makers. Access a huge variety of templates, use the fonts and symbols you want, and even print barcodes or QR codes!

Every tech-loving mom will love the new Echo Show Smart Home Hub!

The video capabilities are outstanding so you can do video calls, stream shows, and follow along with a YouTube video.

Control the lighting and temperature in your home with a simple voice command. Display your favorite photos. Listen to music. And so much more!


Turn any wall (including the ceiling!) into a movie screen with this Mini Smart Projector!

Perfect for outdoor movie nights too. It even has built-in speakers.

This little gadget packs a big punch with its high-resolution ability to stream almost anything you want to watch just about anywhere you’d want to watch it.

A Virtual Reality Headset is the kind of gift that nearly every tech-lover will enjoy.

This one provides a total immersion experience for a growing universe of gaming, fitness, and social/multiplayer entertainment.

The wireless headset has intuitive controls and a built-in battery. It’s easy to set up and doesn’t require a PC or other console to get into the fun.

Shopping for a music lover? Then this Vintage Vinyl Record Player is a great gift idea. Be sure to get a few vinyl records to go along with it for the ultimate retro music experience.

It plays all three speeds so you can use it for vintage vinyl too.

The turntable features a Bluetooth wireless connection so you can play music through your Bluetooth speakers, or use the aux hookup to connect it to a stereo system or headphones.

This easy-to-use drone camera is simple enough for beginners, but its features include just about anything you could ever want.

You can define flight routes, use voice controls, or control it with gestures. You’ll get unique selfies and unbelievable aerial footage with this 1080p camera.

This drone would be so much fun to take on vacation!


Are you shopping for someone who spends a lot of time sitting at a desk? Help them get their daily steps in with this under-the-desk treadmill

This walking pad is ultra quiet and works at speeds from 0.6-3.8 mph. The remote control makes adjusting speed and stopping easy.

We love that it’s so compact and easy to stow away when it’s not in use.

This fitness tracker does so much more than monitor steps!

It tracks your activity throughout the day and even the quality of your sleep. Mindfulness sessions, reminders, alarms, and a heart rate monitor are all included with this next-generation compact Fitbit.

Help someone special smash their fitness goals!

Around the House

This cute little mini fridge comes in 7 fun colors and is the perfect size for so many unexpected spots.

Sure, it’s great to keep drinks cool in an office, but how about next to the bed? Or for beauty treatments in the bathroom?

Its 12V size makes it portable so it could even work on the road!

The latest generation of Kindle e-readers is loaded with features to make reading more enjoyable. We both love our Kindles!

Among other features, we love that the paperwhite reads like a traditional book page with no blue-light glare.

Pair it with a Kindle Unlimited subscription for a gift that keeps on giving.

Okay. Hear us out… we know that cleaning tools are often viewed as a bad idea as a gift for a woman. Somehow it’s perceived as sexist. But this robo-vacuum is so darn cool! And it’s more affordable than other options.

Watching something else take care of the cleaning is super satisfying, and since it’s something we’d both love we decided to include it in our guide. You know the person you’re shopping for, though, and if this is something they’d find offensive, then opt for one of our other fantastic ideas!

Tech Gifts That Keep on Giving

Whether she’s a genealogy enthusiast or loves science, an Ancestry DNA Test Kit is a unique idea to satisfy her curiosity.

This gift lets her trace her ancestors’ journey through time and learn more about her personal history.

More Tech-Savvy Gift Ideas

Still looking for that perfect gift? Here are a few more fun ideas!

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