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Simple Ideas for a Teen Boy Bedroom Wall Décor

Updating a teen boy bedroom with fun stylish wall decor. Ideas to take a little boys’ room to a teenage hang out space.

Teenagers want a space that they can feel comfortable in and what better way to allow them to express themselves than through their room decor.

Now don’t get me wrong…I’m not going to let my kids get crazy with their bedroom decor. Haha!

But they definitely have a say in how we decorate their spaces.

We redecorated Gavin’s bedroom recently after getting him a queen-sized bed now that he’s over 6 feet tall.

Yikes…this boy just keeps getting taller!

You can see all the details of his bedroom makeover here.

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Wall Art Over the Headboard

When we updated his little boy room to a teen space I tried to reflect his personality and incorporate things he’d like.

We were trying to come up with an idea for the wall above his new bigger bed.

Mom thought a round mirror over the gray upholstered headboard would be perfect.

But he had other ideas like a Dragon Ball Z poster.

Ummm…nope not gonna happen.

That’s kinda where I draw the line…no posters on the walls in their bedrooms…they can hang posters on the back of doors but not on the wall.

Sorry, not sorry!

So then Gavin suggested a map.

I liked that idea!

His older brother has an awesome framed old world map above his bed that looks great.

But no…my middle child…the kid who marches to the beat of his own drum wanted a Game of Thrones map.

Ugh! Seriously?

Well, I thought ok I can find something stylish.

But unfortunately, we couldn’t find a map that would go with the color scheme going on in the space.

While searching I came across an Etsy seller who created prints of book pages from the Game of Thrones books.

It was the perfect compromise.

We ordered two different prints and added them to large black frames with white mats.

They look great hung over his bed and add so much personality to his teen boy wall decor.

Functional Wall Decor in Teen Boy Room

Over the desk, we hung a combo cork and chalkboard.

It’s a functional piece that also looks great with the chunky galvanized frame.

There are several other galvanized accessories in the space to add to the industrial farmhouse style of his bedroom.

The chalkboard is perfect for jotting down a quick note like appointment times and work schedules.

While the corkboard holds important reminders or even photos.

And the main street sign above the corkboard adds some vertical interest to the desk area.

The small sign is a great addition to his teen boy wall decor.

A row of hooks behind the door is a great way to keep hats, backpacks and jackets organized…and off the floor!

Plus the row of hooks looks stylish and adds to the industrial farmhouse style in his teen bedroom makeover.

Teen Boy Gallery Wall Decor

Creating a gallery wall on the long blank wall opposite the double windows filled the space nicely.

A letter board is a fun way to add personality to a teenage room.

We found a quote from one of Gavin’s favorite tv shows, The Office.

The fun part about adding a letterboard is they can change the quote as often as they want.

And sometimes you walk in and find that they’ve changed the letterboard to something not so appropriate.

Oh boy…teenage humor!

Adding family photos that are meaningful to Gavin in a wall frame is a special personal touch.

Then just a couple more decor pieces like the wood arrow and galvanized initial complete this gallery wall.

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I hope we gave you some inspiration to tastefully decorate the walls of a teen boy’s bedroom.

If you have any other ideas please share them with us. We’d love to hear from you!

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