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The Easiest Stocking Name Tags DIY You’ve Ever Seen!

You’re going to love these super simple, budget-friendly stocking name tags DIY project! No crafting skills or special tools required!

How do you know whose stocking is whose if a name isn’t embroidered on it?


With an adorable name tag you can hang on each Christmas stocking.

You can buy custom name tags from Etsy if you want.

There are so many options.

Or you can make an inexpensive, super easy custom name tag yourself!

This simple stocking name tags DIY craft project will have you identifying your stockings in no time.

Close up of cream fabric Christmas stockings hanging in front of a gas fireplace with a decorative iron screen with custom name tags

When I got these amazing custom stockings from South House Designs this year, I knew I needed to find a fun way to help my family know which stocking belonged to them.

By the way, if you’re in the market for beautiful stockings, go visit South House Boutique on Etsy. Her workmanship is stunning!

If you’re like me, time is not on your side at Christmastime!

I always feel like I’ve got a never ending to do list from November until Christmas day.

So easy holiday crafts are exactly what I need!

Steps to Make Stock Name Tags

You’ll need to pick out an ornament that works with your home’s decorating style or Christmas theme.

I chose a set of whitewashed wood star ornaments from Michaels.

I’m not very good at lettering, and I don’t have a Cricut vinyl cutter, so I improvised with stickers!

I loved these large gold cursive stickers, but there are lots of different fonts and styles you can choose.

supplies to make a DIY stocking name tag with whitewashed ornaments and script monogram stickers

Are you ready to see how easy this Christmas stocking name tag DIY project actually is?

1. Open the packages.

2. Find the letters for your family’s initials. I chose to use the lower case letters because there was only one upper case K in the package and I needed two!

3. Put the sticker on the ornament.

Whitewashed wood star ornament with large gold script letter A

4. Use a smooth tool (like a Sharpie pen cap) to burnish the sticker onto the ornament.

This step helps make sure the sticker is well-adhered.

Especially if your ornament isn’t smooth.

Hand burnishing a large gold script letter A onto a whitewashed wood star stocking name tag

Burnishing gets the sticker into the ridges and lie smoothly.

Whitewashed wood star ornament with large gold script letter A

5. Hang your new stocking name tag on your stockings.


You’re done!

Fireplace with painted marble surround decorated for Christmas with South House Designs stockings and greenery

I told ya it was easy.

Now go get some egg nog.

Or hot cocoa.

Or a glass of wine.

And sit back and enjoy your handiwork.

If you have any questions or suggestions, contact me or leave a comment!

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