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The Ultimate List of College Graduation Gift Ideas

We’ve come up with the ultimate list that every college grad wants! Check out our list of 40 college graduation gift ideas.

Graduating is a huge milestone achieved by students after years of hard work, and it’s an occasion that deserves to be celebrated.

From useful items that will help them take on their next endeavor to memorable mementos that will last a lifetime, you’re going to love these ideas.

We’ve done lots of research and quizzed recent college grads to come up with our ultimate list of college graduation gift ideas.

I’m sure you’ll find the perfect present for your special graduate.

Need a gift quickly?

Here is a list of great ideas from Amazon that you can have shipped fast if you’re under the wire.

And if you’re looking for a meaningful graduation gift idea you need to check out this post.

Make your grad’s graduation celebration extra memorable with one of these special gift ideas.

What Do College Graduates REALLY Want?

three young men standing with their arms around each others shoulders in caps and gowns wearing sunglasses on a brick sidewalk on college campus

College graduation is usually the end of an era.

No more sleeping in late and staying up all night.

On the otherhand…no more stressing over papers or finals!

But now there will be new stresses in life…

Will I get a job?

How long will it take me to pay off my student loans?

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How Can You Help Your College Graduate Financially?

hundred dollar bills overlapping with small graduation cap with tassel on top of money

1. Pay off College Student Loans

What an amazing gift for any college graduate to walk away with a diploma in their hand and no student loan debt.


college graduation gift idea roth ira written on note pade with little blue piggy bank next to it on desk

2. Open a Roth IRA for the Graduate

Teach your college graduate about the value of investing right from the start.

Opening a Roth IRA for the graduate or some other type of investment is a gift that keeps on giving.

The new graduate can continue to invest and this gift will continue to grow year after year.

College Graduation Gift Ideas to Help Them Land Their First Job

college graduate wearing cap and gown holding diploma in hand hugging woman

If your graduate hasn’t already landed their first job now is the time they will need to step up their game.

3. Interview Suit or Clothes

Maybe that inexpensive suit you bought for job fairs needs an upgrade.

Or maybe they never got one!

A recent college grad will definitely need a suit for job interviews.

This post includes some affiliate links which means we may earn a small commission at no extra cost to you. You can read our full disclosure policy here.

4. Dress Coat

A young professional may not have a decent dress coat.

An affordable men’s trench coat would be perfect over a suit and would be a great college grad gift.

And a classic tan trench coat never goes out of style for her.

What to Get the Graduate for their 1st Job?

young woman wearing sunglasses holding shopping bags walking

5. Shopping Trip for Professional Wardrobe

How fun would it be to take your graduate on a shopping spree to get items they need to start their professional wardrobe?

Now that would be a super useful college graduation gift idea!

6. Briefcase or Work Bag

All young professionals will need a briefcase or work bag to take to their new job each day.

work back on wood chair with stainless steel travelcoffee cup and small wallet with plant

7. Business Cardholder

Here are some business cardholder options in modern wood style or simple leather and metal to hold those fancy new business cards in that stylish new briefcase!

8. Nice Wallet

That recent graduate may be carrying around the same wallet since high school.

Along with a new professional life, why not get them a nice but budget-friendly wallet?

Here’s a great option for her and another for him.

9. Stitch Fix Subscription

With a new job, they may not have a lot of extra time to shop.

A stitch fix subscription would help the graduate continue to add to their professional wardrobe.

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product images for college student new job essentials

Sources: wood business card holder | leather messenger bag | trifold leather wallet | men’s top coat | women’s trench coat | leather tote bag | women’s wallet | leather business card holder

College Graduation Gift Ideas for the Home

young woman standing on cardboard box with many other boxes piled up around her moving into first place

Is your graduate moving into a new home after graduation?

10. Help Buy Furniture for New Place

We all know how expensive furniture can be.

And until the graduate starts making money they may be living with a cardboard box as their kitchen table.

But didn’t we all do that?

Helping them by purchasing a new bed, living room couch, or even a kitchen table would be a much-appreciated graduation gift idea.

Or what about a new appliance so they can learn to expand their cooking abilities?

This is a good time to upgrade from their old college apartment mismatched dishes and glasses to something more sophisticated.

Any of the following kitchen items would be perfect for a new college graduate.

11. Instant Pot

12. Air Fryer

13. Nespresso Machine

14. Cookbook

15. Set of Dishes

16. Drinking Glasses

17. Meal Subscription

But if they aren’t much of a cook a meal subscription service is a great alternative.

Many offer healthy pre-made meals delivered right to your door.

While meal services send all the ingredients and directions for you to prepare your meal which could be a great way for a young adult to start learning how to cook.

If cooking isn’t their thing…maybe they’d love a new electronic item?

18. Smart TV

Upgrade that tiny college television for a larger smart TV with all the latest features.

19. Streaming Subscription

A one-year subscription to Netflix, Hulu, Disney+, or other streaming services would make a fun graduation gift idea.

20. Fire Stick

21. Echo Dot

22. Robot Vacuum

I have this Eufy robovac and it’s awesome!

It would be a gift that any college grad would love to have for their new place.

23. Downpayment on New Apartment

young man standing in street wearing jacket and backpack holding out key with house icon on key chain

Now this would be an ultimate graduation gift idea for your college student.

Help them get started in their new adult life by paying the downpayment on a new apartment!

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collage of products for the home for college graduation gift ideas

Sources: Nespresso machine | Drinking Glasses | Dinnerware Set | Instant Pot | Air Fryer | Cookbook | Smart TV | Fire Stick | Echo Dot | Eufy Robovac

College Grad Gifts for the Traveler

back of woman pulling luggage in airport wearing jeans and sneakers with back pack on

24. Luggage

Even if the graduate isn’t planning to travel right after graduation a set of luggage is a traditional gift idea that will always be useful.

A top-rated toiletry bag is also essential for traveling.

And don’t forget the packing cubes!

25. Go Pro

The adventure seeker will love recording every step of their travels with a GoPro.

26. Yeti Cooler

Whether camping, tailgating, or throwing a party in your new place a good quality cooler from Yeti is an awesome present that will get lots of use.

27. Camera

young woman on trail surrounded by trees wearing jacket holding up camera to eye to take photo

Most young people use their phones for taking pictures.

But a good quality camera makes a wonderful college graduation gift idea.

And this Canon camera is a great option!

28. The Bucket List 1000 Adventures Big and Small

The new graduate can start making their list of bucket list places to travel and start dreaming about vacation by flipping through this book.

29. Scratch-Off World Map

How fun would it be to keep track of all those traveling adventures with this awesome transparent scratch-off world map?

30. Leather Travel Journal

Journals are always a wonderful gift to give any graduate as it gives a person a place to reflect on life.

But for the college grad who’s got adventure in their blood and dreams of seeing the world this leather travel journal would make a great gift.

31. AAA Membership

young man on side of road holding cell phone to ear and leaning against front of car with hood up

And just in case…a AAA membership is a super useful present.

No one wants to be stuck on the side of the road when your car breaks down!

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product images in collage for traveler gift ideas

Sources: luggage set | toiletry bag | packing cubes | scratch-off world map | leather travel journal | bucket list book | Yeti cooler | Canon camera | GoPro

Other College Graduation Gift Ideas

young man smiling holding both hands up once hand holding rolled diploma wearing cap and gown

32. College Alumni Gear

College students have been wearing their college gear for the past four years.

But now they’ve earned the privilege to sport an alumni hoodie!

33. Diploma Frame

Let that college grad show off all their hard work by giving them a beautiful wood diploma frame to hang proudly in their new home.

34. Kindle or Tablet

college graduation gift idea kindle paperwhite laying on blanket with reading glasses beside kindle

35. Amazon Prime Membership

That low college prime membership fee will disappear once the student graduates.

Gifting an Amazon Prime membership would be a super helpful gift since Amazon offers everything from movies to books to shopping!

And don’t forget free shipping for prime members!

36. Amazon Gift Card

Everything from groceries to electronics and everything in between can be found on Amazon.

37. Fab Fit Fun Subscription or other subscription box service

Subscription box services are gifts that keep on giving.

Most services have monthly or quarterly options for delivery to the graduate depending on your budget.

38. Gym Membership

young woman holding dumbbells in both hands smiling looking to the side in gym with other people behind her

Help the college graduate stay in shape with a gym membership now that the university gym is no longer available to the graduate.

39. Watch

We’ve found several watch options that any college grad would be thrilled to receive as a gift.

This black stainless steel watch is on trend but also a classic style any guy would love as a graduation gift.

A gorgeous gold watch is a perfect accessory for a new college grad who needs something more sophisticated now.

An Apple watch is another option if you’d like to give your graduate a watch…always in style as the bands can be changed to coordinate with any outfit.

40. Engraved Pen and Pencil Set

An elegant personalized Cross pen and pencil set is a timeless graduation gift.

This monogrammed leather journal would be a lovely addition to the beautiful pen and pencil set.

I hope you found the perfect college graduation gift idea from our list! If you have other gift ideas we’d love to hear about them.

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collage of product images for college graduation gift ideas

Sources: diploma frame | Kindle paperwhite | Apple watch | Amazon gift card | women’s gold watch | men’s black watch | pen and pencil set | monogrammed leather journal

If you have any questions or suggestions, contact me or leave a comment!

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