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You’ll Love this Spring Centerpiece Idea for Your Dining Table

Create this simple neutral spring centerpiece for your dining table. DIY terra cotta pots are the star of the show in this tablescape design.

Trees are budding.

Flowers are blooming.

Birds are chirping.

The weather is getting warmer and I’m here for it!

Are you ready for spring?

I’ve been adding some touches of spring throughout my home.

A few plants, some faux floral stems and and even a bunny or two.

On my dining room table, I love to have some fun with seasonal décor.

Since it’s a space we don’t use everyday, I’m able to style larger table centerpieces for different holidays or seasons.

If you’ve been around here a while you may know that we throw a virtual dinner party every month, so I get lots of practice creating tablescapes.

Recently, I shared a natural tablescape for Easter brunch for our supper club and the star of the table was a spring garden centerpiece.

What Supplies Do You Need To Create a Spring Centerpiece

product collage to purchase supplies for spring centerpiece

These are the supplies I used to style my centerpiece but have fun with it and grab neutral pieces you have at home too.

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How to Style a Spring Centerpiece

Easter centerpiece in dining room

I often use my favorite skinny washed linen table runner from South House Design as the base of my centerpieces.

The texture is just amazing and the size makes it perfect to lay flat like a traditional runner or scrunch up between your décor pieces on your table.

vintage brick mold used as riser in spring centerpiece design

In the middle of my table I usually start with an anchor piece.

An anchor piece is just a larger décor item or grouping of items that is placed in the middle of a tablescape design.

For this garden themed table I used a vintage brick mold placed upside down as a riser.

This adds a bit of height to the middle of the table.

faux aged terra cotta pots used as basis of spring tablescape

On top of the brick mold I placed a large DIY terra cotta pot filled with a faux boxwood plant.

I distressed a bunch of inexpensive clay flower pots in different sizes with paint.

It was an easy craft project that I was able to do in just a few minutes…check it out here.

A faux moss bunny and egg with a mini tobacco basket complete the center of the design.

How Large Should a Centerpiece Be?

moss covered faux eggs with diy distressed terracotta flower pots

The size of your tablescape centerpiece depends on a number of things.

How big is your table?

What are you trying to accomplish with the style?

Do you need room for serving dishes or place settings?

Once you figure that out you can determine how big you’d like to make your centerpiece.

When styling my table centerpieces, I usually add décor pieces on either side of the middle anchor items to create a long design that fills the length of my dining room table.

I do leave room around the table for place settings but I don’t worry about having serving dishes in the middle.

How to Create Interest in an Easter Tablescape

neutral Easter centerpiece with clay pots and baskets

For this spring table, I stacked mini aged terra cotta pots along with a few medium sized pots and then filled in with smaller pieces like these moss covered faux eggs.

You want all the pieces to be staggered but close together when you’re creating your design.

Don’t be afraid to keep moving things around until you get the look you want.

Add interest to your centerpiece by stacking some of pots and laying others on their side.

natural inspired spring dining room décor

Mix different textures and coordinating colors in your design.

These faux moss bunnies and eggs add lots of texture against the smooth clay pots.

mini wood basket filled with Spanish moss grass and moss covered eggs

The mini wood baskets filled with preserved Spanish moss topped with green moss covered eggs add even more texture to the centerpiece.

And they are just so darn cute! Aren’t they?!

mini basket filled with moss grass on pedestal in spring centerpiece

Remember to vary heights when creating a tablescape.

Use a riser to lift a smaller piece to give it more presence in your overall table design.

I used mini pedestals to lift the small baskets and add interest to the centerpiece by having things at different heights.

spring Easter centerpiece in middle of dining table with china hutch against wall

If you want to recreate this garden themed spring centerpiece I’ve added all the items I used in the photo below for your convenience.

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If you have any questions or suggestions, contact me or leave a comment!

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