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10 Simple Ways To Keep Your House Tidy

Easy ways to keep your home clean and organized home every day. 10 simple steps you can do every day to keep your house tidy.

Do you like to clean? 

I love a tidy house but I don’t really like to clean. 

What about a cleaning schedule…do you follow one? 

Nope, not me…I just look around and when I can’t stand it any longer I go on a major cleaning spree. 

Or I host a party…that definitely gets the house in tip-top shape.  Haha!

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Even though I don’t follow a cleaning schedule there are things I do every day to keep my house tidy. 

They’re easy tasks that help my family stay organized and keep our home from getting too messy.

Let’s take a look at the 10 simple things I do every day to keep our house tidy…


Queen size bed in a room with board and batten trim made with buffalo check throw pillows and a velvet lumbar pillow

I got in the habit years ago of making my bed every day.

It really only takes 2 minutes and instantly makes our bedroom look tidy. 

I love walking into our room at any time of the day and it looks pulled together with the bed made.

Now getting my teens on board with this task is a completely different thing…they want no part of this one!


blue painted bathroom vanity with wood mirrors above double sinks

Our tiered tray keeps items we use daily organized in our bathroom.  

Putting toiletries away in the vanity drawers & cabinets after using them each day helps us maintain a neat space. 

A quick wipe down of the sink area every morning after getting ready keeps everything clean.


teen girl putting dirty clothes in hamper in bedroom

My husband and I have three pop up hampers in our bedroom closet.

Sorting our clothes in each hamper as we undress saves me time when I do laundry. 

This is something I enforce with the kids too…no reason for dirty socks to be all over the floor…they each have a hamper in their room. 


dog treats and collar in wood box

Bins & baskets help us contain like items around our home to keep everything organized. 

I shared ways we use decorative baskets for organizing in this post

Storing dog treats, training and hidden fence collars in this bin right by the door helps everyone in the family know exactly where to find them.

No one has to go searching for a collar before letting the dog outside. 


dry mop leaning against stools on wood floor

We have two dogs and with them comes lots of dog hair.

Well, to be fair our 12-year-old dog doesn’t shed…at all. 

But our 1 ½-year-old dog sheds like a beast! 

OMG, it’s unbelievable the amount of fur one dog can shed in a day. 

We need to sweep our hardwood floors daily (and sometimes two and three times per day!) now. 

We use disposable swifter’s to sweep…it’s the easiest method we found to take care of this daily task. 

I know this isn’t the most eco-friendly option and I’m okay with that. 

Using a washable dust mop didn’t work well for us with needing to wash it after each use and we’d prefer all that hair not be in our washing machine.


inside of cabinet with papers sorted in file folders

Dealing with paper as soon as it comes into the house is something I’ve struggled with.

I recently reorganized our family desk area in the kitchen so I’m hoping now that I have a place for everything it will be easier to minimize any paper clutter. 

So far so good…we’re either recycling or sorting incoming paper to designated folders or bins in our cabinet right away. 


woman cleaning island counter

I wipe down our counters a couple times a day.

The dark granite shows everything! 


Reminder…next house…light colored countertops.

Anyway…after dinner one of the kids cleans our tabletop. 

Keeping these kitchen surfaces clean helps our home feel tidy.


kitchen sink with pedestal next to it holding soaps

Our family rule is if you use a glass or plate it’s your job to put it in the dishwasher. 

I never go to bed with dishes on the counters or in the sink. 

The dishwasher is loaded throughout the day and we run it after we go to bed. 

Anything that needs to be hand-washed is done right away. 

This daily process keeps our kitchen clean.  


garage organization bins for shoes next to garage stairs

We never wear our shoes in our home.

Although we don’t have a mudroom, we’ve designated a corner in our garage for shoes. 

An old toy organizer that my kids no longer used became storage for shoes. 

We always take our shoes off in the garage before coming inside. 

This area may look neat now in this picture…but we usually have a big pile of shoes laying there because we all kick them off but we don’t always put them away in our shoe bins. 

Just trying to keep it real! lol 

Either way, the dirt isn’t dragged into the house and that’s the most important thing.  


large media until with shelves surrounding tv

Every night before I go up to bed, I straighten up our family room.

I fix the pillows on our couch, put the remote controls away and fold the throw blankets and put them in the big floor basket.

Just taking a minute to do this creates a sense of order in our family room for the next day. 

Do you have daily tasks you do to keep your house organized and clean? 

Now if I could just get on a cleaning schedule for the bigger jobs around here, I’d be supermom! 

Nah…maybe you should just come over next week…that will motivate me to really clean. 

Be sure to contact me or leave a comment below with your favorite tips to keep your home tidy!

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10 Simple Ways to Keep your Home Tidy | | #tidyhome #cleanhome #organizedhome #howtokeephometidy #tipstoacleanhouse #sweepfloors #laundrychores #makebed #paperclutter #garagemudroom #cleancounters #organizedpaperclutter #cleanandorganizedhome #getorganized

Evelyn Griffith

Wednesday 29th of September 2021

I do many of the same things. I like to keep spaces tidy, clean up the kitchen before I go to bed--so much easier to start the next day. Wish I had a garage!

Teach the kids to pull up the covers and get rid of the wrinkles. Then carefully get out of bed and touch up the remaining wrinkles and fix the pillows. It is a game called MY BED IS AUTOMATICALLY MADE!



Thursday 30th of September 2021

Hi Evelyn! Thank you so much for being part of the Simply2Moms community! You're so right about teaching the kids how to make the bed easily. Your tip is awesome!

Karen Velinsky

Tuesday 17th of August 2021

These are great tips, and I agree if the bed is made, it sets the tone for the day.


Wednesday 18th of August 2021

Right?! Just makes everything better throughout the day. We just did a big clean up around here this weekend...too many unused spaces got cluttered with stuff. I'm good at maintaining the spaces we use daily but rooms like the dining room get a bit out of control sometimes. Have a great week! :)


Wednesday 14th of April 2021

These are the best trip. I like .I follow this trip.


Thursday 15th of April 2021

Thanks so much for reading the blog & taking the time to comment! Easy ideas to keep our house clean are so helpful when we're so busy!

Theresa Adrian

Saturday 23rd of January 2021

One thing I found that helps to stops everyone from leaving piles of junk around that needs to be thrown out (e.g. candy wrappers, empty beverage cans) I have small waste baskets in every room. That means about every 10 ft thru out my house there's a garbage can. And that means I have less to pick up every nite.


Sunday 24th of January 2021

Oh Theresa that's such a good idea! I need to put one in our bonus room since the kids are always in there snacking and playing xbox or watching movies. Thank you for your idea!


Thursday 13th of August 2020

These are great tips! Love that you assign tasks to your kids too.


Thursday 13th of August 2020

Thanks so much for reading our blog, Marie! We both are firm believers in getting the kids involved in keeping their home clean!