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15 Simple Ways to Organize with Decorative Baskets

Baskets are an inexpensive and simple option to organize your home. Today I’m sharing 15 ways to organize with decorative baskets that you can easily start implementing in your home.

Home is the place we feel most comfortable. 

It’s our haven. 

Our place to decompress after a long day. 

But sometimes that sanctuary can actually feel stressful when we walk into a mess. 

Do you ever feel like that?

If so keep reading!

Over the years I’ve tried to tame the clutter and organize my home. 

I’ve found that if items have a specific place to put them, then they’re more likely to be put away.  

Well…that’s the hope anyway?

Decorative baskets are a simple way to organize your home. 

They’re inexpensive and easy to find. 

Baskets can be used in so many ways in your home. 

Using decorative baskets throughout my house allows us to use something pretty to keep our house organized.

How to Use Baskets for Storage in the Kitchen

corner cabinet with glass door opened to show 3 shelves with wire baskets

By using baskets in my kitchen I’m able to organize like items in one place. 

The corner cabinet has a glass door so I want to keep things neat in that cabinet.

A few industrial farmhouse style metal baskets store items we use often. 

At first, I only displayed decorative items in this cabinet, but recently gave up the pretty for the practical.

Let’s take a closer look at what’s contained in each basket.

1. Kitchen Towels

close up of basket filled with dish towels

Extra kitchen dish towels stored in a pretty basket make essential items look decorative.

The towels are easy to grab since this cabinet is close to the sink.

2. Tea Boxes

wire basket filled with boxes of tea

I’m not a coffee drinker.

I know…I know…gasp!

But I do love a good cup of tea.

And I like lots of different flavors.

Placing all those boxes of tea in a basket helps to contain them so it’s easy to find what I’m in the mood each day.

3. Ingredients for a Favorite Recipe

wire basket with food storage containers

The ingredients to make my favorite breakfast…Trim Healthy Mama (THM) Chocolate Secret Big Boy are all stored in one basket. 

This has been a life saver.

Well, maybe that’s a bit dramatic. LOL

But seriously, it’s saved me so much time in the morning to just pull out the basket to make a smoothie rather than having to find each ingredient throughout the kitchen.

image of basket on top of fridge with cabinets and baskets displayed above

I do love baskets…especially wire baskets to give our home that bit of that farmhouse style I love. 

Wire baskets and plants decorate the tops of my cabinets. 

But we also have several additional useful but decorative baskets around the kitchen.

4. Koozies

close up of basket filled with koozies

No more searching throughout our kitchen drawers and cabinets looking for a koozie.

Now we just toss them in a basket that sits on top of our refrigerator.

So easy!

5. Fruit & Veggies

2 tiered stand with bananas, tomatoes, cantelope and spagettie squash

Fresh fruit and vegetables in a tiered basket on our counter make them easily accessible. 

And by keeping them in view, they’re more likely to be used before going bad.

6. Recycling

wire basket filled with cardboard and paper recycling

We don’t have enough room under our sink for both a garbage & recycling. 

No worries…we just put our recycling in this basket that sits on our counter.

When it’s full we bring it out to the garage to throw in our large recycling bin.

Where Do I Use Baskets in the Family Room?

dark wood media unit with flat screen tv. with basket filled with blankets on side. sign, lanterns and vase filled with greenery on top of media center

Another room in our home that we use baskets for organizing is our family room.

We spend a lot of time in this room so keeping it neat and clutter free is important.

No one wants to feel stressed by a mess when your ready to kick you feet up and relax at the end of the day.

Many things can be hidden away in a basket but also easily accessible to everyone in the family.

7.  Throw Blankets

large floor basket filled with blankets

Using an extra-large floor basket to hold all our throw blankets allows us to easily grab one for movie night.

It’s big enough to hold a blanket for everyone in our family!

8. Media Accessories

long shallow basket filled with movies, game controllers

DVD’s, extra remote controls, gaming systems, and the all-important Steelers terrible towel for football season are organized in a basket that fits perfectly in our media center.

9. Books

wicker basket filled with books on lower table shelf

Books tucked into a decorative basket are not only useful, but the perfect decorative accessory for this small shelf under our side table.

Be sure to swap out the books occasionally so everyone has something new to read.

10. Candles

wicker lidded basket filled with glass candle jars

I may have a slight addiction to scented candles. 

Anyone else?

Storing candles and a few holders in a lidded basket on our console table shelf keeps them out of sight.

11. Pillows

wood box on fireplace hearth with pillows in box

Although, not technically a basket but more of a wood crate, this box sits on our fireplace hearth with a few extra pillows. 

Not only is it useful, but it’s pretty too!

That #5 pillow represents our family since we have 5 of us.

Why Do You Need Baskets in an Entryway?

Baskets in an entryway is a great storage piece to throw shoes in when you come into your home.

We come in through our garage and have shelves for our shoes there.

12. Pet Items

wood box filled with dog collar and treats

Another small wood crate on my foyer table holds a few necessary pet items. 

Our dogs go out the front door, so having the training collar & treats close by is super convenient. 

I chose this box because I’m able to weave the charger for the training collar through the slats to the outlet under the table.

But the decorative box still conceals the contents of what’s inside.

What Storage Baskets Do I Use in a Bathroom?

Bathrooms are an excellent room to use baskets to organize our things.

Because let’s be honest…bathrooms need all the help they can get!

Am I right?!

13. Powder Room Storage

wire storage tower with wood top filled with rolled towels and toliet paper

I recently found this storage tower for our powder room

It’s the perfect solution in our small half bath since we have a pedestal sink.

This is great for storing extra toilet paper and clean hand towels.

14.  Bathing Essentials

galvanized bin sitting in corner of tub with loofah and bottles of body wash inside

We recently updated our primary bathroom and added a few baskets. 

This simple galvanized bucket holds shower gel, bubble bath, a loofah, and towels and sits on the side of our tub.

All the necessities are contained within arms reach when I take a relaxing soak in the tub.

15. Cosmetic Accessories

3 tiered stand filled with tolietries and towels

Organizing cotton balls, swabs, cosmetic rounds and lotions in the bottom of our tiered storage basket makes these items easily accessible for getting ready each morning and evening. 

Hand towels in the middle basket are ready to grab when a clean one is needed. 

And just a few pretty items displayed in the top basket complete the look.

Do you have any other ways to organize your home with baskets?

If you have any questions or suggestions, contact me or leave a comment!

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