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5 Simple Ideas to Style a Neutral Centerpiece for Any Season

Learn how to style a neutral centerpiece for your dining table with our 5 simple ideas. Tips to use no matter what the season!

It’s that time of year between winter and spring when I don’t really know what home décor items I should be using.

I packed away Christmas a couple months ago.

The décor that I left out after that holidays that could pass as “winter” was put away last week.

And now I’m at that weird time of the year, when it’s not spring yet, but we’re moving away from winter.

Spring is coming…I can feel it!

Especially, here in North Carolina!

I’ve been noticing that the days are a bit longer.

And we’ve even had some warmer days in between the cold ones!

But I’m not quite ready to break out the spring blooms just yet.

So, what’s a girl to do?

Well, I’m going to share my pretty neutral centerpiece idea that can be used for this time of year between winter and spring.

Honestly, it’s so neutral it can be used right through the summer.

Or really any time of the year!

Ya gotta love a super neutral décor idea that can be used year-round!

Am I right?!

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Where to Add Neutral Home Décor Accents

dining room with windows to right table in middle and china hutch beyond table

Do you have a dining room?

If you do…how often do you actually use it?

I have this lovely room, but we really don’t spend much time in here.

Since we don’t use it often, it makes the perfect room to add extra home décor with a beautiful centerpiece.

Even if a room isn’t used regularly, it’s always nice to make it look pretty!

In our kitchen, I use a tray to add some home décor to that table top.

The tray allows me to easily move it out of the way when we eat dinner each evening.

However, the dining room table is the ideal spot to style a larger neutral centerpiece that doesn’t need to be moveable.

Creating a neutral table centerpiece is a great way to add décor to your dining room for any season.

How to Style an Easy Table Centerpiece

view of centerpiece overhead through hanging chandelier

Styling a large center tablescape with greenery and candles fills the middle of the table and creates a statement piece for the room.

And using neutral pieces allows this centerpiece to be used not just now…but all year long!

What Base Should You Use for a Centerpiece?

linen table runners on long wood tray as base of centerpiece on dining table

I love to use my long wood tray as a starting point when building a centerpiece.

It’s an awesome staple piece that allows me to use it as a guide when designing a tablescape.

Next, the washed linen skinny table runners, my friend Diane from South House Designs gave me, add texture and soften the hard lines of the tray.

I like to scrunch up these amazing table runners and thread them through the metal handles on each end of the wood tray.

This gives a more casual vibe to the centerpiece.

When Should You Add Greenery to a Dining Tablescape?

pillar candle surrounded by faux greenery stems and garland

Greenery is always a good idea when styling a table centerpiece!

First, I laid a faux leaf and twig garland on top of the linen runners then through the handles on the ends of the wood tray.

I’ve had this particular garland for years, but you can find a similar style here.

This garland is so pretty and natural looking it really can be used during any season throughout the year.

two handled jug style vase in two tone colors filled with faux olive stems

Next, I filled a double handled Tuscan style jug vase with faux olive branch stems.

Did you know that olive branches symbolize peace and friendship?

Traditionally, they’re incorporated in home décor during the spring and Easter season.

However, you can use olive branches in your home all year…never let traditions or trends dictate how to decorate your home.

Personally, I love the airy look of olive branch stems and olive trees.

Did you see that gorgeous olive tree in the corner of my dining room?

It’s amazing right!?

You can order it here if you think so too!!

What Type of Candles Should You Add to a Centerpiece?

glowing candles surrounded by greenery on middle of dining table next to vase filled with olive branches

I always love to add candles to my tablescapes because they add so much ambience.

For this neutral centerpiece, I added both pillar and taper candles.

You can score great prices on pillar candles if you buy them in sets of at least two.

And honestly, I add this style of white pillar candles all over my house, so I always have a few extra on hand.

I also mixed in several taper candles in distressed white wood DIY holders.

Check out how I upcycled these old candle holders with chalk paint for next to nothing!

Unexpected Décor Ideas for a Neutral Centerpiece

white pillar candle on mini round cutting board with handle as part of centerpiece

I found these super cute baby wood cutting boards in Hobby Lobby recently and thought they’d be amazing as candle holders.

And these pillar candles fit perfectly on top of the mini cutting boards.

Mixing candles in different styles and sizes but in the same color creates a cohesive and interesting look to the tablescape.

This neutral dining table centerpiece looks stunning when it’s glowing with all of those pretty candles in varying heights.

But it also looks just as beautiful unlit as an everyday home décor accent in your dining room.

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